Suwanee, GA –
Celebrating 75 years of Jeep, Omix-ADA gathered hundreds of Jeep enthusiasts on July 16 to honor its history. The first annual Jeep Heritage Expo kicked off with hundreds of custom Jeeps arranged in different Show & Shine categories along with Omix-ADA’s own 30 rare Jeeps ranging from very early 1941 prototypes to the latest 2016 Wranglers.

Omix-ADA rolled out the red carpet for attendees, inviting them to get an exclusive look at its extensive historic Jeep collection. Highlights of the collection include one of 100 original 1941 Bantam BRC models in existence – to which Jeep owes its historic lineage; a World War II-era Ford GPA amphibious Jeep intended to cross rivers and lakes; and a rare 1946 Willys CJ-2A Jeep originally customized with farming implements. The farm Jeep is equipped with a front PTO winch, an engine driven air compressor, a rear towing boom, a Newgren buzz saw with table, and dual tires for improved stability in the dirt.

Hundreds of Jeep owners arrived during the Expo to showcase their Jeep in the Show & Shine and compete for awards in multiple categories. Participants traveled as far as 700 miles to attend. All entry fees to showcase a Jeep in the Show & Shine were donated to the American Diabetes Association, totaling $3,500 in one day.

Hosted at the company’s headquarters in Suwanee, Ga., the Expo also gave Jeep enthusiasts their first ever opportunity get an inside look at the Omix-ADA’s 230,000 sq. ft. development and distribution facility, which houses over 20,000 parts, allowing loyal fans of the brand an exclusive look into the inner workings of the brand.

Those who were unable to visit in person may download images from Omix-ADA’s gallery of the inaugural Jeep Heritage Expo here.

Omix-ADA will share more news about upcoming events in the future. For more information on Omix-ADA’s Jeep Heritage Expo, Omix-ADA’s family of brands, or its complete line of high-quality Jeep and off-road parts and accessories, please visit www.Omix-ADA.com or contact Omix-ADA directly at (770) 614-6101.