Jeep Performance Parts has completely redesigned their Jeep Wrangler JK suspension lift kits for 2015.  The 2-inch JPP Lift Kit is designed to provides excellent handling both on-road and off. It can accommodate up to 35-inch tires for added capability and great looks.  The 2-inch is completely developed by Jeep Performance Parts engineers to be the best no-compromise lift kit available for the Jeep Wrangler.

Mopar will also be releasing a new Jeep Performance Parts 4-inch Lift Kit this spring. We got a sneak peak here in Moab. The 4-inch JPP Lift Kit is the tallest suspension system available from the factory. It’s designed to give the Wrangler JK enough lift to run up to 37-inch tires using JPP High Top Fender Flares. The 4-inch lift kit is designed for those Jeep owners looking to run larger off-road tires as well as having excellent on- and off-road handling.  The crate kit includes four specially tuned high-quality springs, brake lines and control arms made in the USA, four specially tuned FOX reservoir shocks, necessary brackets and a new double cardan driveshaft and yoke.  Also includes a FOX steering damper and our High Steer Conversion Kit.

Jeep Performance Parts now offers a Big Brake Kit for the Jeep Wrangler JK. This kit is designed to upgrade the braking system to match larger tires and wheels.  It features large 13-inch rotors, big calipers, brake lines, heavy-duty brake pads for the front axle. The JPP Big Brake Kit also includes a matching booster and master cylinder.