– Bajarallymoto.com has announced that Quinn Cody will be leading a rally navigation training class specifically for the Baja Rally competitors August 30-31 in the high desert of Southern California. This class will include over 500 km of true Dakar style road books and special classroom instruction at the beginning and end of each day. This is a perfect opportunity for Baja Rally Competitors to get some solid rally navigation experience and give their bikes a shakedown before the Rally.

Two days of riding and instruction will include:

• Marking and understanding your road book
• Proper navigation equipment set up, loading road book, calibrating odometer and GPS set up
• Basic tips and tricks for navigating with a road book
• First day road books are in loop format to allow discussion and Q&A between each loop

Space is limited so reserve your space ASAP.

Special price for Baja Rally entrants: $325 per rider
*Must have rally navigation set up prepped and ready.
Email Quinn Cody for further details: [email protected]