Baja-THUMB-Rally-Klim-3-28-14ENSENADA BAJA CA MEXICO – has announced SATMODO has joined BAJA RALLY 2.0 as the Official Satellite Communications Provider for Baja CA’s very first and only navigation based rally raid for motorcycles.

“Communication is the cornerstone of any safety plan and we rely on the team at SATMODO to arm our team with equipment to support our plan”, explained rally creator Scotty Breauxman, “And by giving our riders an incredible deal on a sat phone rental, SATMODO is really contributing to the growth of this young new event.”

For less than $90, Baja Rally participants can rent a fully activated satellite phone for 1 week without a bundled minute plan. Unlike other offers which sometimes don’t include hidden charges, activation fees and deposits, SATMODO’s deal is “all in” for less than $90 with no traps. Any minutes used are billed a $1.75 per minute. Breauxman says the trouble in the past is finding a company that would rent a sat phone to someone who hopes to never use it.

“Our riders need an option to have this safety equipment with them without a hefty financial outlay for a minutes plan”, Breauxman concluded, “We commend the team at SATMODO for their commitment to safety.”

SATMODO is a leading satellite phone provider in San Diego CA and offers sat phone rental and sales and mobile Internet solutions worldwide. Contact SATMODO 24/7 at 800 279-2366.

The BAJA RALLY is the first and only navigation based rally raid for motorcycles in Baja CA. Taking place over 5 days and including 4 days of timed special stages, the eco-friendly BAJA RALLY is a traveling cultural adventure and immerses participants into Baja CA’s rich histories, cultures and dynamic landscapes. See the offer below

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