– BMW Motorcycles of Escondido announced today that BAJA RALLY, LLC has joined forces with multi-line dealership for a multi-year partnership to grow the first ever navigation based rally raid for motorcycles only.

“Our event caters to the adventure enthusiast and owner Mike Findlay and his team have decades of collective moto experience in Baja CA”, explained BAJA RALLY director Scotty Breauxman, “More importantly, Mike’s team shares our vision and is 100% on board to help us execute our mission to grow rally in Baja while sharing its culture and history with our riders and their teams.”

Before acquiring BMW Motorcycles of Escondido, owner Mike Findlay grew Temecula Motorsports into one of the highest volume, multi-line dealerships in the United States. Along that journey with Temecula Motorsports, Findlay fielded as many as 7 racing teams at a time in SCORE’s BAJA racing series under the TMR tent with a massive undertaking including pit and air support.

“We’re no strangers to this”, explains Findlay, “And we see the long term value of what Scotty’s team is doing with the rally and for our sport. It’s a game-changer and we see a big future for it. Our team wants to support that 100%.”

Along with financial backing and promotional consideration, BMWMCE is bringing manpower and resources to prepare and execute the BAJA RALLY 2.0 event in September 2014. Additionally, the dealership will host a VIP Ultimate Adventure Tour for a limited number of clients to chase the BAJA RALLY in an adventure format, essentially embedding into the event with participants and media outlets. This includes following routes after each rally stage and eating and camping along side the entered riders.

Findlay and the BMWMCE Team host regular, multi-day adventures rides in Baja CA, taking clients to famous spots such as Mikes Sky Ranch, San Felipe and The Pirates Cove in Camalu. With the breadth of experience and wealth of knowledge in racing and adventure tours, Findlay’s team is well positioned to merge into the rally without going through any learning curve.

“The value this new alliance brings to Baja CA cannot be understated”, Breauxman concluded, “The strength of the BMW brand and passion Mike’s team brings to the BAJA RALLY is the ‘ultimate’ boost to our teams efforts. This is going to get really good.

The BAJA RALLY 2.0 is the first ever, navigation based rally raid for motorcycles only in Baja CA and takes place over 5 days, traveling to remote overnight camps with cultural and historical value. The event is referred to as a traveling cultural immersion into Baja CA’s rich history and landscape. The “sold-out” Inaugural BAJA RALLY took place October 2013 over 2 days and 300 miles, attracting star power names such as Larry Roeseler, Quinn Cody, Cameron Steele and BAJA RALLY champion Andy Grider. More Information on BAJA RALLY 2.0, visit