Superwinch launched a first-of-its-kind app today for the off-road world called Roam, which allows users to control their winch on their cell phone.

Connecting via WiFi using a secure, password-protected network installed on the winch itself, owners can operate their winch via cell phone anywhere. Since the network is actually installed on the winch itself, cell service is not needed to operate the Roam app.

The Roam app will allow users to pull the winch in and out, view the amp draw, motor temperature to avoid overheating, line speed and keep track of run time. Superwinch says that it is able to track this information by adding small, reliable yet inexpensive sensors. It’ll even notify the user when to let off the winch in as the hook nears the drum.

Superwinch has also thought ahead up any potential issues that might arise, so when an incoming call comes in, the winch will stop to avoid operating error (same holds true if the WiFi signal is lost). As Superwinch notes in a press release for Roam: “Accidental “butt dial”? Winch won’t be activated without passcode.” If the WiFi signal is lost, the winch will also stop.

For more information, check out the Roam website at