SAN CLEMENTE, CA, August 16, 2012 – Azuñia Tequila a brand of Intersect Beverage launches two new ads in the “Celebrate the Adventures of Life” campaign. The campaign highlights scenarios of adventures and ways to celebrate these experiences; recently released was the “Stimulate the Rush” ad featuring ISA Surfing World Champion Sunny Garcia. Bill Walton, NBA legend, sports commentator and Azuñia partner was selected to be featured because he has lived a remarkable life and his presence and enthusiasm captures the essence of the campaign.  Jim Riley, CEO of Azuñia and former executive at Ketel One has built his personal life on partaking in the adventurous life and this campaign is his personal mission to encourage others to do the same.

“When I created the Azuñia brand I wanted a spirit brand that stood for something,” said Jim Riley, CEO, Azuñia. “I wanted a brand that encouraged individuals to enjoy life. As we roll out the complete “Celebrate the Adventures of Life” campaign consumers will see illustrations of individuals that define adventures, the celebration of giving back to the community in our philanthropy efforts, and a reminder that there is always time to kick back with friends, enjoy a cocktail and reminisce.”

The “Legends are Made” ad features Bill Walton and Walton’s new drink the Walkin’ Walton with the tag: Azuñia Tequila celebrates the experiences that make legends and the adventures that shape legacies.  The “Ignite the Adrenaline” ads features Jim Riley’s race truck and new drink the RoadRunner with the tag: Racing is a passion that encompasses adventure and ignites adrenaline. Azuñia Tequila celebrates igniting the passion in all of us.

Azuñia is focused on strategic phased launch of the “Adventures of Life Campaign” that is unlike anything that has been launched in this category. As the campaign is rolled out, consumer will understand that Azuñia is not just a brand of tequila but a way to live life.

The campaign was developed by boutique marketing company Scarlet X Marketing, a Southern California based agency. For more information visit: