ATV AnswerMan: October Questions and Answers

Oct. 22, 2009 By Ricky Sosebee
From: Bill
Wyoning, CANADA
I also have a john deere trail buck 5oo and was wondering if you make clutch kits for them?

We do not actually make parts here at but im sure we may be able to help you find them if they are indeed available. I really need to know the year but ill guess its around 2005? These John Deere products are derived from The old Bombardier Quest line and use Rotax engines. This means that possibly the clutch set-up would be close to most CVT trannys offered in the Quest atv’s. Give the guys at EPI Springs a call and they should be able to help you. Be sure to have the year of that beast handy to get the correct parts.


From: wolverine350
Yes, i have a problem with my 2001 yamaha wolverine 350. i have lost a substantial amount of torque. it only acts like that when going up a hill, when its pulling a load, or going through a mudhole.. is the clutch slipping or what?? thank you

Well the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem my friend. J The loss of torque and or power under a load is due to either the clutch or the engine. I need to know if the engine RPM’s rev out of the box when under a load though. If this is the case then the clutch needs attention. If the engine remains at a steady rpm when under a load and it just seems to be missing the drive of old then the engine may need refreshing. Does the atv smoke? Could you kill a colony of Louisiana mosquitos with it? If so you may need engine work like rings.


From: redda
Edwardsville, KS
Can you please tell who makes this bike, we bought one for our son 2 years ago I know that it is a T-Rex 90cc, but we need to purchase parts and can't figure out who makes it... Thanks

Check out this article first. This gives the maker and a few insights on the atv you have:

Then you can go here for parts and manuals:


From: sspdad
Grayson, GA
My 2007 honda trx 500 is pouring gas from the carb overflow tube. i lost a whole tank of fuel overnight with the tank turned off. Where do i start to locate the problem, carb or tank???

I would start with the carb on this one. Seems you may have some trash holding the float down and this would allow the fuel to run free. This then would be a time to empty the tank completely and make sure there is no trash there as well. Letting an atv sit up with old gas for to long will cause varnish to build on the needle and seat which can lead to this very problem.


From: Azuplander
Peoria, AZ
I have a 96 sportsman 500. I have recently started having intermetent problems with it running well it seems to be starving for fuel It runs wide open then all the sudden it will only run at about
15mph after i let off the throttle for a while it seems to catch up and start running fine for a while then it will repeat the process. I have rebuilt the fuel pump and cleaned the carburetor and checked the float level it runs better now but there is a big lag from when I let of the throttle and get back in it. It slowly gets up to speed but is not very responsive. Anyone have any ideas???

How about air delivery? Think of it this way, if the fuel cannot get enough air in the cylinder the engine will not run at its potential. Have you checked the plug lately? I could be a rich condition that’s causing the trouble instead of lean..



I would take a deep breath and start looking at each of the following items one at a time. Make sure the air filter is clean first. A clean filter means the proper air is getting into the engine. Then thoroughly clean the carb. This doesn’t mean to spray cleaner on the outside or even in the throat of the carb but take it off and open that baby up for a good inspection. Then finally you will want to be sure the gas you use is fresh and clean. Check the gas can to as most have muck in them and this gets into the tank and so on. Then I would inspect my spark plug for any signs of fouling. Its easy to just replace these items as well.


From: monoroskie
Benton, KY
Can you answer me please? my 400ex will not run over half throttle it cuts out. I just rebuilt it and cleaned my carb while putting it back together.

Wow, there are many things here that have potential to be the root of evil on the 400ex. Are you sure the timing is spot on correct? Next order of business is to really get into the carb and clean it well. Most people look at a carb bowl inside and think its ok but I would completely disassemble that thing and put it into a chemical dip (be sure to read warnings on the can before using) to be sure there is no varnish residue inside the super small holes. Try that.


From: Tony Gonzalez
I have a 2006 prowler I bought used w/ 1200mi on it.I sometimes have trouble w/ gears not fully engaging.Say from H to L or from R to H.I hear spinning and then grabbing of gear after few seconds.This is only happens sometimes.Do I need to adjust linkage(how?)or is there

The linkage on the Arctic Cat Prowler can be adjusted. I find that after hard shifting or quick jerky grabs at the shift lever will leave the tranny screaming. I think most Manufacturers require a totally stopped machine before you shift as well. Get your self a service manual and check out the routine maintenance area for the steps to adjustment.


Article Title: 2008 Renegade 500 H.O. EFI Features and Specs
Article URL:
From: andrew
Comment: I have a 500 renegade when i decelarate there is an a full chatering-wineing noise. I there anyone else having this problem?

Sounds like you may have a potential problem with the CVT belt on your Renegade. I would need more info to be sure of just where the chattering is coming from.Get back to us with more info.


From: Scott Drabek
Kalama, WA
How do you get the outer front cv knuckle apart on a kodiak 400 to replace the boot?

Its not rocket science but you may need some serious engineering mindset to accomplish this task. Most of the CV joints have a spring style ring on the end of the shaft that when pressured the shaft will snap out of the cage and be ready for service. Its really hard to describe the technique with out knowing the year. I hate to tell you one way and really you need the option two method. Get me a year for your ride man or better yet buy the service manual for this beast and it should describe the proper way for the boot replacement.


Article Title: 2003 Polaris Sportsman 600 Twin
Article URl:
From: Ron Cardinal
Markstay, CANADA
I changed the mechanical seal and the inner seal on the water pump but its still leaking through the weeping hole any idea what next? help please.

Many times over years of neglect the water or coolant will form rust or corrode the shaft of the pump itself. Its possible that this is the case and the shaft that drives the water pump may be your problem. The radiator needs to be flushed just like your auto once a year.


From: jtg
Availles-Limouzine, FRANCE
POLARIS MAGNUM 500 : My ATV has been behaving strangely for some time. The symptoms are similar to fuel starvation. The fuel filter and carb all seem fine upon several inspections. The fuel tank has been replaced. The ATV is used daily on the farm sometimes for small trailer work. My local agent seems to be at a loss as to the reason for the problem. He too has checked filter, carb, fuel lines etc. Still no joy here. Can anyone help please?

How about the air filter? Be sure it is in good condition and that its clean. Then if the carb has been cleaned and I mean thoroughly cleaned with a chemical dip then think about engine wear. Are the rings in need of replacing? Is it time to freshen up the motor? You could be loosing power through the valves and or timing as well.Get to work and let us know how it turns out.


From: Cooper
Manassas, VA
Rick, I own a 90cc 2 - stroke extreme machine by unilli. It is also known as an alpha - sport. I've been working on this thing since this summer when it started to "pop" like backfire and eventually die altogether. I've replaced the entire top end(making sure i put it together correctly 3 times), cdi and still have no luck getting it to run. Great spark but will not run. I took the carb apart as well per the service manual and it does not seem to suck fuel into the manifold. If i disconnect the muffler and shoot fuel in the carb w/ throttle open it will run a little. I resealed the manifold as well. I'm noticing it spews exhaust from beneath the drivebelt cover. I think it may need crankshaft seals, etc. Any ideas?

I would think you have your answer right there. Crank seals are always causing trouble these days. Complete a leakdown test to be for sure. Check out this little tool we have found just for this:


From: david
Guntersville, AL
Comment: I have a o 2000 polaris 325 mag. it will start run with choke pull out only . does the curb. need cleaning

Yes the carb needs a bit of attention. Try a full service on the Magnum while you have it apart and I think you’ll be happier with the Polaris.


From: steve
North Attleboro, MA
My sons atv-50 doesnt always start- i seem to have to push start then it will run great and start all day i have a new battery thanks

Hey my friend, look at it this way, the boy loves it when dad gets the world turning each time. Try changing the plug first and then get me some good info on what your pushing around the yard..


From: dummy
Idk, PA
I have a 08 yfz and im buying motoworks slip on what should the jetting be around 430ft above sea level and its about 65 degrees outside.

Well the main in the 08 YFZ stocker is 155 so I would bounce to a 165 and ride the beast. Then check the plug to get a general idea if the monster is running rich. It is best to read the spark plug just after each ride for correct diagnosis of the fuel delivery if you do not have a dyno or air fuel measurement device present.


From: Kenny Hough
Palmetto, FL
I have a 2008 Talon Quad runner 4X4, bought it in January of this year. Has ran great. I use it quite a bit. But yesterday went to use it. Would not idle. You can drive it ran great, but as soon as you let go of the throttle just stop dead.. Would have to start each time. I check the carb out, pull apart check bowl and floats check see if dirty. Clean. even drain tank rinse out with clean gas and put new in still just shuts off No idle. I have no clue or ideal what is going on. I used it days before no problem, but yesterday issues. Thank you for your time. Ken H

The problem with the off brand atv’s is there are not many people who can service these machines because there are no parts available. I would think you should be sure the compression is adequate and that the air filter is clean. Check to be sure the primary jet in the carb is free of any trash as well. That’s the starting and idle source for fuel.


From: doug
Jaco beach, COSTA RICA
Maybe you can help I have a question I can not seem to find the answer to I have a trx 420 honda te/fe when I turn my quad off on a slope it starts but it surges and will not go forward if I relocate the quad to a level surface it will start correctly is their any way to by pass this saftey feature.

I have never ever heard of this. I think you may be describing the engine-braking feature? If this is the deal then there is no way to bypass this as its due to engine compression etc.


From: motoworx
Hatfield, MA
I'm working on a 200 suzuki quadmaster 500. It pops and sputters and backfires down low and just generally runs terribly. The fuel system is clean ( I just rebuilt the carb and drained the fuel tank/system. Otherwise it feels electrical. Advice?

Try digging into the timing on this machine. Sounds like its time for an overhaul man.


Article Title: 2003 Polaris Sportsman 600 Twin
Article URL:
From: yz125man
Oxford, IA
I am looking at a 2003 polaris sportsman 600 it has 1,900 miles. for 3,700 and has nothing wrong with it. is this a good deal or not are these good quads?

The polaris brand has come a long way in the last few years. It’s really up to you and if you feel the atv is mechanically sound then go for it man. I couldn’t tell you if I think it’s a good deal because I haven’t spent time on this machine you want to buy. Its only worth what someone’s willing to pay for it. Good luck.


Article Title: T-Rex 90cc ATV
Article URL:
From: tony maher
Celbridge, IRELAND
I have a dinli-100cc t-rex. is it same bike as t-rex 90. I need back mud guards. where can in get them.

Its amazing how little people use the power that they have at their fingertips. Heres a link for you to try:


Join Date: Oct 2009
Sands, Michigan
Hi, the names ross, and i was wondering about my 300ex. I just wanted to know why people spend money on wheel spacers, or widening kits when you can just turn the wheels inside out. I can understand the width kits because it affects suspension, but the wheel spacers seem like they would put alot of stress on the ball joints. if anyone can help me, please give me a hand.
Thanks, Ross

I have turned my DS650 wheel around just like you have described and it does make sense to try new things like this but fact is people constantly want to be separated from their money just to feel like they have made the right choice. Its mind blowing I know but think of it this way, if there were not people with more money than time then aftermarket companies would be out of customers. Just a thought.

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