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Aug. 20, 2009 By Ricky Sosebee

2007 Can-Am RenegadeArticle Title: 2007 Can-Am Renegade 800 ATV
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From: susan
Reno , NV
Comment: 2007 speedometer goes crazy intermitidely. Registers 35mpg while sitting still and lights on sppedometer does not come on can't find problem cannam outlander 500 2007

My suggestion is to find another dealer. The dealer must have the Budds software to really get into the computer on your atv. If they are not and authorized Can-Am Dealer they will not have this system software. There is an electrical problem there that if left unattended will eventually become costly. I have never known the Can-Am Outlander to have a MPG reading either. Maybe you mean MPH.


From: sims1955
Birchwood , TN
Comment: Who makes a Highlander 250 4-wheeler?

The Highlander 250 atv is made by a company called YMC. This company makes many different off-road vehicles and most are sold overseas. These will be hard to find parts or service for and at least for now should be avoided.


Subject: rear brake 350 honda atv 4x4 rancher
How do you remove the brake housing on the rear wheel manual brake.

Brakes can vary from atv to atv and many housings can be tough to remove after many years of riding without service. If you are referring to the Honda 350 rancher as the atv you are working on and understanding that you have not posted the year of your atv ill do my best. The rear brake system is hidden behind a small cover. Removing 6 bolts from this cover will allow you to access the pads and springs that make up the brake system. There is a dust seal on this cover so be carefull to not tear this. Putting the ATV on a reliable stand and removing the rear wheels will make this job easier.


From: gene gann
Jonesboro , AR
Comment: On a 50cc suzeki atv what engauges the chain on the starter to the crank. the starter works and the chain works but won't crank the motor

The LT50 was made for several years until 1987. Then the next year Suzuki made a 50cc atv was in 2002. Its hard to really understand your problem without knowing what year the LT-50 is that you are working on. Also the description you are giving me is very confusing. The starter turns the motor over but it will not start? Or maybe the starter isn’t engaging the drive to turn the motor over.. I just do not know…


From: Barry
Isanti , MN
Comment: My wife rolled her Polaris Magnum 330. Since then it will go at low speed but will not run fast. It bogs down when you get about half throttle. I have replaced float seat and jet. But nothing has changed. Any Ideas would help. Can't seen to get service dealer to help.

I would check the throttle cable. Be sure the cable hasn’t been twisted or wrenched out of its place. This is most likely what is keeping the atv from opening up to its fullest. Another test would be to remove the air filter and open the throttle, observing the amount of movement you get in the carb throat.


From: JC
Wrenshall , MN
Comment: I have a 1993 Honda Fourtrax 300. The battery went dead this spring and we've been using the kickstart. Lately, It seems to have gotten harder to kick it over. Last week, I was pushing on it so hard that the kick start started to slip without turning over the engine. I know there's a lot of compression when the piston stops at TDC, but is it normal for it to be so incredibly difficult to kick the engine over?

Sounds like you could have some trouble inside the engine. Does the engine run smooth when started? Are there any rattling noises when the engine is running or revved up? Also check the oil for metallic particles. A little research will reveal the potential problem. Get that battery replaced and let the starter do the leg work..


Polaris Outlaw ATVArticle Title: First Ride: 2009 Polaris Outlaw ATVs
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From: Dave
Perry , MI
Comment: What is the top speed of the 2008 Outlaw 525 to atv' the article...and our 08's

We do not test the atv’s for top speed because its really irrelevant. I can tell you that these are fast enough and top speed is really where you have to let off before crashing. Be more interested in warranty and potential problems that come up with a machine before speed.


Article Title: Suzuki King Quad 450 Review
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From: Dave
Murray , UT
Comment: I have a 2008 450 axi King Quad (all stock) with ~ 100 hrs but I am now having a problem where the drive clutch is not releasing all the way when you stop, and when you go to take off it jerks really hard and the back tires squeal, (screatches) Took into the dealer they changed a shim and put a new belt on it but with no avail, they said it is a common problem with the 450 and they don't have a fix for it. I have a hard time believing this. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so do you know of a fix. I appreciate any input. thanks so much. Happy riding..

We have yet to experience any of these type problems with the Suzuki KingQuad 450. We have also yet to hear of any recalls by the factory on repair or replacement of these parts due to Manufacturer defect. There are clutch components that can wear out in this machine and water or dirt would make this happen. I suggest having the Clutch system serviced completely to be sure its not just a wearable part that is finished. 100hrs is a good long time and these atv’s are not made to last forever.


Suzuki LTA50 ATVArticle Title: Suzuki's new LTA50 Quadmaster
Article URL:
From: Richard G
Comment: LTA 50, great bike but my daughter collided with a table and has sheared some of the faring lugs (the red holes) by the left side foot plate. Can I easily buy a new faring. If so, how much and where.

PS-the bike took the hit and she was fine, all credit to the bike!

The front plastics for any atv are readily available from any dealership. The cost is relative to the region and dealer but I find that the LT50 front plastics run about $200 US.


From: damien
Greenville , TX
Comment: I have a 2000 yamaha Blaster and it gives off blue smoke. What will cause that to happened?

The two stroke engine will smoke if the premix has too much oil in it and will smoke as well when the rings are worn out.


From: Perla Ochoa
Hi, I am looking for ATV for a family of 3 Mom Dad a little boy. I find exating the fact of getting a ATV to go camping we are not interested in going Wild but yet comfortable and safe the budget is limited and I am looking for suggestions. so far I know there are automatic ATV's that it will make it easy for my to ride with my son?

Getting into ATVing is very fun and relaxing. It makes the weekend camping trips more enjoyable as well. If I were getting into this with a child I would suggest a two-up model from either Polaris or Can-Am. These have hand-holds and raised footwells for passenger comfort and safety. The Can-Am models are in varying sizes and for most budgets as well as the Polaris 2-ups.


ATV TraxArticle Title: Apache Track System
Article URL:
From: hitman
Grande Prairie, CANADA
Comment: How much was the top speed affected by the track system?

These tracks from any manufacturer are for traction only and will substantially reduce the speed of the atv. These track systems should not be driven fast any way as they can be very hard to control at speed. Most are made for snow but can be used in light mud and dirt with proper service after these type rides.


Crooksville, OH
Comment: Yes, my boys bike transmission is like it is slipping. Does it have a place to put transmission fluid in it or what can I do to fix it?

Wow, wish I knew what your working on! Maker,model and year people!


How to make my Honda Rancher 450 faster?
I have a 2004 Honda Rancher 450 and I want to improve the top end. It can accelerate fast enough for me but it only tops out at 53 and I want it to go faster. If it were up to me I would trade the thing for a Can-Am DS 450 or a Polaris Outlaw but my dad needs one with a rack so I have to deal with this one.

I know every new rider and young rider is fascinated with speed these days but over 50mph? Really? What are you doing going over 50 on a Honda Rancher anyways? Seems like you may really need your own atv but I worry that the speed demon in you could get you hurt really fast. Do you have dreams of drag racing? The Honda Rancher is not the vehicle to be speeding on so don’t let it happen again!


From: petey
oil springs,
Comment: I need color wiring schematics for 86 polaris 250 R/es Trail Boss ATV? can not find it any where!

Try buying a service manual my friend. That’s the best way to get the schematics you need!


From: mike brown
North Yarmouth, ME
Comment: besides rings and valves what would cause no compression in my 1987 lt 250 4x4 suzuki?

That’s about it my friend. Sounds like the engine in that machine is very tired and could use some love from the dealers service department!


Suzuki Ozark 250Article Title: First Test: Suzuki 2002 Ozark 250 -
Article URL:
From: Mike
Las Vegas, Nevada
Comment: I have an ozark 250, 2005 that has the letters res, on, and PRI on the fuel cock valve. What does the PRI stand for and what position should I run the ATV in??

The letters PRI are for Prime. Running the fuel petcock in the on position would be the first choice. When the fuel gets low or should the atv quit while running in this position then turn the petcock to RES or reserve.


Subject: Off-Road Forums & Discussion Groups Contact Us Form – trouble shooting my banshee
Referring Page:

My banshee is spitting and sputtering from about med rang to WOT. IT has after market pipes ,cool head,k&n and air box led removed. I just got the bike and don't know much about it or any other banshee. My plugs are black powdery kinda but cranks on first or second kick and idoles fine. It reaves fine in nutreal. I mixed 1 qart of valvale 2 strock to 5 gallons of 87 octane pump gas but the day before i ran one of those little cheep 2 strock bottles to 2 gallons of 87 oct pump gas and it did fine. Allthow i did run it out of gas that day too. Did i suck trash, not mix the ratio right, carbs out of senk. Please help before i screw this bike up. Let me know what a safe mix ratio would be like how much oil to 2 gallons of what octane pump gas THANKS!

This could be quite possibly the most horrific display of spelling I have ever been witness to. Kids, do not give up on school because it is very important to learn to read and write! As for the question, it seems you need new plugs. A 32 to 1 mix is good and using 87 octane in a two stroke isn’t really great. Use a quality oil and preferable Yamalube if its available as cheap premix will foul plugs fast and gum up the engine.


Thanks once again for all your questions, and please keep them coming!

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