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Jul. 30, 2012 By Rick Sosebee
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QuadSport Fuel Trouble?
I have a Suzuki QuadSport (not sure of year) 03'04'05, 50 or 90 not sure... bought it used from my uncle and he was unsure. It's a pull start. It runs for about 10 minutes, shuts off and I usually wait 10 minutes and it will re-fire. Do you have any idea what is causing this? Do you know the solution to fix it?

There are several things that could be causing this problem. Start with fuel delivery. Make sure gas is flowing from the tank to the carb without any restrictions. The next step would be to make sure the needle jet in the carb is allowing the fuel to flow in easily. Try these for starters.

Stuck Wheels
I have a 2003 Honda Recon. The rear wheels will not move freely. What kind of problem should I look for? I know the rear brakes need to be replaced. Could this be the problem?
Bill Kutz

This Recon is going to have bearings on the rear axle, and I would be willing to bet they are frozen/rusted and they need to be replaced. Check this first and then get those brakes fixed so you can ride like the wind.

Oil Leak
What causes oil to come out around valve cover?

It depends how much oil is coming out. Is it pouring or just leaking? If itís just leaking then maybe a new valve cover gasket is in order. If itís pouring then you will soon need a dealer to have a good look-see!

Brake Repair
I need to fix a front hydraulic brake on my 2003 Prarie 360 4X4. I have the parts but need some instruction? Thanks
Jim L

Well, I would love to help. The only problem is I have no idea what part of your hydraulic brake you are fixing. Try giving me a little more to work with.

Stalling Can-Am
I have a 2009 Can-Am 500 Outlander. It is a great ride and has lots of power, but if I get into water or power into water I lose power to the wheels. The motor revs but it will not move. I have to wait for about 3 to 5 minutes and then it will start to go. Something in the driveline is leaking. I had it into the dealer but they didnít even look at it. Was there any warranty issue with the Can-Am ?

The reason your Can-Am stalls in water is possibly due to water getting into the CVT and on your belt drive. The belt gets wet and then just free spins on the driven pulley. A simple fix is a good snorkel and sealing the CVT cover really well. As far as warranty items go, you would need to contact your dealer and have them look for your specific modelís information.

John Deere Tracks
If you're interested, I have a kit that turns a John Deere Gator into a half-track - basically four steel open wheels and two snowmobile tracks. I got it some years ago and don't remember who made it and don't need it anymore.
Josh Koplin

Hi Josh, we would be interested in seeing this product you have. Itís bound to be something cool to try and use here. Shoot me an email here at ATV AnswerMan with some details to its location.

Nor Cal Riding Spots
Am disabled and can't walk without assistance. I ride a Honda Rancher and would like to go places that allow ATVs. I live in Northen California. Is there a directory that show places that we could go?
Paul Middleman

Itís funny you should mention destinations, as we just started talking about getting a full directory together by state. If you want to ride any specific region just Google the state and section such as Northern California and you should get plenty of ride destinations. Redding has the Chappie Shasta ORV area, and it is sweet for ATV and UTV riders.

Suzuki King Quad 300 4x4
My trans light comes on when I try to start. Now the starter has quit. Is it the starter? If so where is it? Thank you.
V Wardberg

Magician I am not, but if I had to guess I would be sure the battery has a good charge first. Also, just because your voltage meter reads 12 volts when attached to the battery doesnít mean it has the cranking amps to power the quad. Try that first.

Sportsman Issues
2006 Polaris sportsman 700 with 1595 miles on it had to replace my 3rd starter the noises bearing seized in the starter

Thatís no fun, my friend, and quite frankly I have no advice other than to try and find a way to lubricate it from time to time. If it is not sealed and you splash through the muddy water, or any water, then you will most likely be replacing it again soon.

Bayou Shifter
I have a 220 Kawasaki Bayou and today the shifter broke off. The bolt holding it to just broke. What do I do?

Well if this isnít a trick question then you would just replace the bolt and reinstall the shifter. Just thinking out of the box hereÖ

Can Four Fit?
Can u fit two people on a foreman 350?

Iíd say where there is a will there is a way, but itís not advised and unsafe as well. I would refer to your ownerís manual for safe and proper opertation.

New Motor, What Gives?
I have a 2002 Bombardier 650 QUEST. Just had the motor redone, new piston, gaskets, etc, and it was smoking so had it done. Now I don`t have any top-end power... idles great, free revs great, bottom torque is good, but when I get up around 40-45+kms it starts bogging out. Had everything in the motor rechecked again and all seems good. Any ideas you could throw my way?

Check the fuel delivery. If the machine isnít getting enough fuel on the top end it will stall just like you have seen. Itís possible the carb needed an overhaul as well, so be sure the main jet is open to delivering fuel.

Timing Belt Change
Hey does anyone know how to change a timing belt on a 2004 Bombardier Rally 200? I found a mechanic that says he wants $5000 to fix it, but the 4-wheelerís only worth $3000 anyways. If you have any input please e-mail me.
No Name

First things first, FIRE your mechanic because he is a little overpriced. A Bombardier dealer should be able to change the timing belt for less than a third of that. The chain is less than $50 and Iíd say you could have that engine apart and back together in less than a dayís work provided thatís all you have to change.

More Speed
Is there a way to remove the rev limiter in the clutch of 2012 800 Ranger Crew six-seater for more speed?
Wade Foy

Iím thinking you might have some items mixed up here. The top speed is most definitely affected by the clutch, but itís not like a rev limiter you find that controls the RPM. If the rev limiter you speak of cuts the throttle at top speed, then that is electronically controlled. Clutching your Ranger may get you a little more speed, but honestly the Ranger crew six-seater isnít a drag car by any means. Seems you should have picked a shorter version if speed is your desire.

Starter Issues
I bought this 500 Polaris Sportsman and having issues with the starter. I get power to the starter but the starter doesn't turn over, but I can take the starter off and hook to a battery and it has no problem. I've check my ground to make sure it was grounded rt. I even put a extra ground to the motor as long with one that already existed to starter. You have any suggestions?
Robert Gardner

Could the engine be bound up in some way? Maybe check the oil?

Whatís Wrong?
I have a Can-Am DS 450 with a moto works pipe. When I took it out for a ride it seemed to idle funny, and when I would give it a steady throttle it would rev out and not give me any power or a steady rev. Do you know what is wrong with my ATV?

I really need more information here. Has this been getting worse over the last few rides? Does the machine move at all when in gear at part throttle? If Iím reading your mind correctly, I would say it could be clutch-related but Iím not really good at reading minds, though. You feeling me?

Weird Grinding?
Hi my name is Austin. I recently bought a used 2006 Suzuki LT-R450. It was in great shape test-drove it and it ran great. I took it out in a field today and ran it. When I got home I was going to put it away when in neutral I started to roll the bike and I noticed some grinding. The bike was turned off and I wasn't touching the clutch. It sounded almost like in a car you don't completely put it in gear and it grinds. Did it slip and try and go into gear? Or do I need to tighten my clutch? It wobbles up and down a little but it isn't a huge amount.
No Name

Could this noise be coming from the chain? Try giving me a better idea of exactly where the noise is coming from. Also check the wheel bearings by placing the quad on a jack and spinning the wheels one by one until you eliminate the issue there.

Rubicon Conversion
I have a 2001 500 Rubicon. I would like to know if I can convert it to a two-wheel drive because my front gear case is broke? And if so, how? Thanks for the help!

It would be possible to make the Honda a two-wheel drive. I do not recommend it but I understand if you do not have the money to fix the differential. Simply pull the front axles and disassemble the CV joint by separating the axle from the joint. Reinstall the joint/bearing cup back into the front hubs and go riding. In the end, you will have only the outside end to both front axles installed in the front hubs, which will actually help hold the wheel hub on the machine and allow the wheel to stay on. Be sure to remove the front differential or you will have greasy and oily residue all over everything before you know it. Good luck.

It is amazing to me what people will do or not do to keep their machines in working order. Itís not hard if you do a little along the way, but it gets really expensive when you wait to do it all at once. If you have any questions Iíll be here waiting.

Have an ATV or side-by-side tech question for the AnswerMan? Send an e-mail with your name, vehicle year, model and a detailed description of the problem to [email protected].

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