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Sep. 16, 2009 By Ricky Sosebee

Article Title: AlphaSports LG50 1-year Review
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From: Charliechase
Jefferson , NY
Comment: My push button start wont work, does the brake have to be pulled in for the kick-start to work?

The engine should be free to move with the kick starter without the brake lever pulled in. Im guessing you may also be inquiring because the kick starter moves but will not start the quad? Give me a bit more information and ill look a little deeper.

From: shamrock kid
Shamrock, TX
Comment: 2004 trx 450r will not start, charging system working, changed coil and rev box.

I can be difficult to diagnose this type of problem without a few more symptoms available. I would suggest checking that the bike timing is correct. I have heard of the crankshaft/flywheel key breaking or partially shearing causing a timing issue. There have also been claims that the ignition pick-up on the stator coming loose and creating the timing issue. Then be sure that you are getting fuel into the engine. Be sure to take a deep breath and slowly review what is happening.


Anouk <>  Newbie
T-Map sensor

I have a 07, Polaris Sportsman 800EFI x2 I was wondering if any one knew the IAT signal wire of the t-map sensor, is it the purple orange pink or pink with white stripe? Want to install Dyno Boost,... please help

Finding the proper wires to install your Dyno-Boost power adder should be laid out in the installation instructions for the product you are installing. If this part is not made specifically for your quad then do not install it. Chances are it will never work correctly. Get a service manual for your Polaris atv and the wiring is laid out in detail. That will surely help.


From: Jr - '05 big bear
Comment: Just took apart the rear swing arm on my 2005 Yamaha big bear 4x4 and am in the process of replacing the bearings, but can't seem to figure out how to get them back in correctly. They won't sit flush so I can't fit the swing arm to the frame. What am I doing wrong?

First I would be sure that you have the proper bearings in the swinger. Its easy for the parts counter to mix things up and it happens daily. The correct part number for your rear swinger bearings is Yamaha part number: 93332-000y3-00. Of course you know it requires one on each side then a few other parts. The seal is next then a collar, O-ring and pivot bolt. Check this out by looking at the packaging for the bearings to be sure you have the right ones.


Subject: LTZ400 axle removal
Hi to all, I have bent the axle in my 06 LTZ400 quad and trying to find out how to remove the axle. Could you help me with some instructions by any chance....
thanks heap
Kind Regards
Ian Maunder

Well sure, First remove the rear wheels. Take the cotter pin out of the axle nut on the left rear wheel and remove the rear hub. Moving from the left hub inward the hub nut on the axle close to the swinger needs to be removed. This will allow you to remove the rear sprocket and hub. Then you should be able to pursuade the axle out of the swinger to the right side. Using a large dead blow hammer will help.


From: Dan
Westland , MI
Comment: I have a 1998 Polaris Sportsman 500. It started over heating after 10 yrs of no problem performance.I took it to a dealer and they said they replaced the thermal switch. I worked fine for 1 run but started overheating again. I notice when I turn the key on the fan doesn’t start.. it always did before.Can anybody help?

There are many suggestions to be made here but lets start with the basics. The fan usually isn’t supposed to come on with the switch. There could be an issue there with the electrics. Start there first. Be sure there are no shorts in the wiring harness. Do not just look at them from the floor of your shop. Get the plastics off and really get into the wiring. Next be sure the radiator is not clogged by thoroughly cleaning it. Take it off the machine and get in there. These would be my first suggestions. Good luck


Honda Foreman ATVArticle Title: tests the 2002 Honda Foreman S/ES with TraxLok
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From: sharonwashington
Muskogee , OK
Comment: won't shift into reverse but will go into all other gears

Sounds to me like you have issues that are mechanical. Possibly to be shift drum or shift plate cracked or broken. If this is an electrical problem or perceived to be, make sure the reverse lock-out switch is receiving its signal to allow the shift to reverse.


From: KC
Montrose , CO
Comment: I have a problem with both of my 2005 Bombardier XT (1 is a Max) 400 ATV's. The trip/hour meter has stopped working on both. The speedometer does not seem to be affected, but is an analog dial. My local dealer is of no real help as they do not seem very intersted in troubleshooting the problem, nor working on these ATV's. Have you come across a similar problem? Do you have a solution or direction I should aim? It does not seem to cause performance issues but I like to use the hour meter for maintenance scheduling. Also a cost-saving tip, the dash screen on my 2001 Honda Rubicon became weathered and unreadable. A replacement sceen is $75+. I went to my local auto parts store and picked up a bottle of plastic headlight restorer for about $4. A little elbow grease and now the screen is not perfect, but at least readable.
Should work for most of the dash screens out there. Thanks, -KC

That’s a great suggestion for the aging screen and ill be sure to write that down. As far as the dealer not wanting to work on your Can-Am, there is only one thing I can think of and it involves finding a certified Can-Am dealer. If your dealer is not legitimately authorized to work on these atvs they will not have the BUDDs system that properly diagnoses these type problems. You have to have the proper computer communication software to be able to communicate with the ECU on these atvs.


From: jonessb
Walsenburg , CO
Comment: I need some advice I bought a 1994 Yamaha Timberwolf (4x4?} it has a front drive axle under it. It didnt have any of the rear components as far as axle none of the drive acc. I just need to find maybe a picture of how the front connects. What i need to get for how to hook up the front. I have the frame, front axle,motor and assorted plastic body parts. I would appreciate any info or links on how to get this hooked up. I have not been able to find info on the front drive connection. I have a clymer manual but no pictures of it thank you steve

Get the official Yamaha service manual sold by Yamaha and you will have all the info you need to rebuild your Timberwolf and start riding. Go to the local dealer and get the right manual.


From: nani29853
Olar , SC
Comment: i was given a fourwheeler that the motor has been taken completely apart. i can not find any manuals to help me put it back together. please help! with illustrations if possible!

Wow, sometimes the gift of giving just keeps on giving and I suggest figuring out what you have been given. I have to know what we are working on before I can help you. Get back with me on what make, model and year this ride is and ill help you out.


From: cmspeterson
Bessemer city, NC
Comment: i have a 2004 300 4x4 and have ran in to a few problems such as the battery well not stay charged it well not idle with out cuting off, I call about an alternater and it was 348 is there a cheper way to get one?

Throwing money at the problem will not help you. Stop for a minute and focus on the machine. How old is the battery? These usually need to be replaced every two years. To answer your question of price I cannot say if there is another cheaper way because you have not listed the make of this machine.


From: gartland
Brazil , IN
Comment: just changed oil in a honda atc 200x now tranny is slipping. Why?

What type of oil does the atv use and what type did you put back into the machine? Using synthetic oils can create slipping in the clutch simply because its to slick.


From: John
Montesano , WA
Comment: I have a 1997 Suzuki 250 Quad Runner. Twice now under a load (Going up hills) it has acted like the clutch slips then catches again. Otherwise it runs great. The first time it did this was a couple months ago and I was going up a steep grade. The next time was a couple days ago and I was going up a slight grade and in 3d gear. It acted just like something slipped and then caught again. Any help would be appreciated.

This particular machine has a complex clutching system. There is a chance that there are one or more splines or gearing teeth that have been broken or worn to a point where the torque of the motor and weight of its rider causes this slip of the tranny. Going into the transmission is the only way I could see that youll find this problem. Before I tear into the tranny I would check splines on the driveline and the universal joints as well.


From: Mc Lovin
Tollesboro , KY
Comment: I have a 06 trx 350 rancher I have built up for GNCC rancing I have a fmf powercore 4 sa muffler and im gitting a K&N power kit for it. Is there any other way I can tune my rancher to run better and make more power.

Start by saving a pile of money for replacement parts. Get a good suspension because you’ll need that or a chiropractor. Finally, realize that the Rancher was not built for Cross Country racing.


From: Randy
Weirsdale , FL
Comment: I have a 2005 yamaha kodiak 450 4x4 and the carb is leaking from the drain that comes out of the bottom of the carb.I have removed the screw and cleaned it off and re-installed it,but it still leaks.Is there an o-ring there? I can't tell. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

My first suggestion is to remove the carb from the atv. Then get a good service manual so you will know how to totally disassemble the carb for a thorough cleaning. It seems to me that the floats could be stuck causing this leaky situation.


From: jamie
La Loche, CANADA
Comment: i have a 500 rubicon n when i put the it into drive the shift pops back into neutrul like i can barely drive it 2 feet so i wud like a few pointers thankx

Will the atv drive while holding the shift lever in drive? If so, this could be as simple as adjusting the lever and as complex as mechanical parts in the transmission needing to be replaced. Shift forks and drums can wear and rough shifting or shifting from drive to reverse without stopping or at least slowing down can create these problems.


From: john
Bridgewater , MA
Comment: i have a honda atv 300 and on a idle it has a skip or hesitation spot witch will idle through and then sometimes it stalls out. i have plenty of good fuel, carb. is cleaned out tank is cleaned out. is there a adjustment i can make or is it something else i am not doing right ? thank you. John

Try removing the carburator and thoroughly cleaning the primary jet. The main jet and idle circuit will also need cleaning but I would start with the primary jet as it gives you fuel from the idle to 1/8 th throttle. This should allow the atv to idle and run off the bottom with no problems.


From: Ryan
Nappanee , IN
Comment: I have a crazy one here on a Polaris Predator 90. It doesn't run right but does run. If you honk the horn and hit the gas it will take off and run like a champ. Any hints will help thanks.

Honking of the horn has been a procedure used in New York for years. This gets the motors running and creates forward motion as well. I would think that as long as your child is honking the horn as he rides you will always know where he/she is and there will be no one in their way. If I had to guess I’d say the wiring is having a melt down.


From: john
Savannah , GA
Comment: I have a 1994 Polaris 300 ATV. I need to remove the ignition to replace it. I have no clue as to how this removal should take place.

Removing the headlight and cover will reveal the back-side of the switch. There will be a plastic nut holding the switch in place and after removal of the nut the switch should come out with some convincing.

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