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Jul. 01, 2008 By Ricky Sosebee

2008 Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000

Question: Will this power train be in the Prowler soon, if not Why? This would allow AC to dominate the field. I am holding off on the purchase of a UTV awaiting the news.

Topeka , KS

Well my friend your dream has come true as the Engineers over at Arctic Cat have placed the 1000 into their SXS market and its called the Arctic Cat Prowler XTZ 1000 H2 UTV. So go out and buy ya one today!


Can-Am Unleashes its 2008 ATV Line-Up

Question: When we will be able to see a picture of the new side by side?

wyatt bonner
Magee , MS


After long discussions and many considerations, Can-Am has decided to push the release of the long awaited SXS into the year 2010. Its not a money issue for sure, but more of an intentional strategy by a very intelligent company to make sure that when their UTV comes to the market, it is the very best. Sorry to dash your hopes and dreams, but we all are still waiting together.


From: ed
Subject: mule rear axle

Hi I bought a used 2000 2510 4x4 Diesel Mule. It has been the best for me being I have 10 ac and needed to move dirt, trees, trash. I put a snow blade on the front to push limbs and dirt with and it works great. My problem is I broke the right rear axle and got another to replace it but I can't get it in.

The rear axel housing is solied and to splines on the one shaft are twisted about one inch from the back, which does not let the u joint go all the way back to slide in the rearend. I started to take off the

other side and do it last but it has the Diff. collar and won't allow the movement I need.

Do you have any ideas????????????????

Hi Ed,

The first thing I do when working on anything that has oil or lubricants in it is to clean the surrounding areas really good. This prevents dirt or mud from getting into the transfer case or differential - that can cause future problems if it isn’t carefully cleaned. It seems there may be more than a broken axle here. Twisting one of these behemouths off is no easy task and I would suspect that it has put the other components in the drive system at risk. If there are splines in the other parts that show signs of twisting you may need to replace more than just the axle. I’d head into the nearest shop for a professional look and opinion.


Question: Why do the Honda 300ex's not have a pull or kick start? And, is it not possible to put one on one of these bikes?

Brad Anslinger

Hi Brad,

The newer Honda TRX 300EX models do indeed have pull starters and I would make the assumption that with a little research through the internet you’d be able to find an aftermarket company who makes the add-on kit or simply a conversion for your machine.


From: The Zeiglers
Subject: Fuel mileage

We have a 2003 honda rubicon 500. Hunting, working, and casual riding is all we do with it. Does anyone have a chart of what brand’s, get what fuel mileage with various engine sizes? I have seen one for motorcycles but cannot find anything for atv's. 

Thanks in advance.

Hi Zeigler Family,

I have had no luck in finding factory stated information on fuel mileage for ATV’s. I would suggest performing your own test and fill us in on the results. Fill it up and if the unit records miles, just reset to zero and drive that puppy till she runs out. Divide the amount/gallons of gas by the miles you drove and there you have your answer. Just be sure to have a friend follow you so the test doesn’t leave you in the woods wondering how many berries you need to live off of till help arrives.


From: Steve Schwarze
Subject: Jul04-Project_Z400

Recently I purchased a stock '04 z400 and your Project Z400 articles have been a help and guide for me. I was reading the air intake upgrade article and wanted to checkout the Pingry airbox. The company site is no longer active and the phone number now belongs to a residence.  Where I am going with this is do you have any info about the company?  Did they go out of business or were they bought out?  Either way is anyone making an aftermarket airbox designed to be used with the 400ex intake tube?

Thanks for any info.

Hi Steve,

It has been our discovery that Pingry Pro Design isn’t in business at neither the street address nor the web address. The guys at Alba Action sports in Poway California are still selling many aftermarket mods for your LTZ400 and I’d bet they have what your looking for. Being a former owner of the famous LTZ400 I used them for many parts and R+D ideas.


From: kiter
Topsham , ME

Question: Yamaha 660 very hard starting when cold, great once it starts, Perhaps 15 attempts to start before ignition, Machine is new 1 hr of operation, dealer says to change plug?

Hi Kiter,

The plug would be my first option as well. Even though its new I’d try the change and you might be surprised. Let us know how it works out.


Subject: 2007 ata110

Hi, I bought my atv last week and it wont start. I changed the spark plug and its not starting. I dont think im getting any spark. What should i do?


Well Darrell,

I need to know a few more details about your ride before I can get you an accurate answer. Who makes this ATA 110? Is it a roadside purchase or from a legit dealer? Do a little investigating for us and we’ll be glad to get you some suggestions.


From: John Keller
Subject: 08 prowler

I have a 08 prowler 700 and i would like to lift it 6-8in and widen it 4-6in. I live in northwest illinois and are looking for fabrication shop to do the work any help finding a shop would be great.


Hi John,

I am currently unaware of any lifting or fabrication company’s near you. However there are several major company’s in this market. Gorilla Axle is located in Monroe Louisiana and you can reach them at There is also Highlifter in Shreveport Louisiana and they can be reached at

Good Luck with your project and send us some pics when your finished.


From: The Updike's
Subject: 1986 yamaha 4 zinger

What does the control unit assy do? Would it make the machine stop in run and run ok in start when I switch to run it stalls but stays running in start.


Sounds like there may be a carburetion issue with the quad. If it stays running in the start position it could mean its getting the fuel it needs there to keep going. But when switched to the run position it is starving for fuel. Check for trash in the carb bowl and possibly a stuck needle valve or float.


User: josh
Brookfield , NE

Question: I have an 86 lt 250r quad racer the clutch won't disengage, new springs and bolts. I have the clymer book and it doesn't have torque specs. It just says to tighten securely, are there torque specs? I tightened the bolts until the clutch was engaged, put the cover on then the splined post/lever that connects to the cable then cable itself. WON'T DISENGAGE. I made the cable as short as possible, i have new gear oil in it . when i pull the lever it feels good, i have full motion and springback, but in gear the wheels still lock up. Please help I'm clueless.

Hi Josh,

Sounds to me like you may have the release arm one notch too far inward or toward the direction of pull on the pinion shaft. This is the arm and shaft that the cable slips in and it is located on the top of the clutch cover. Try marking the release lever in its current position and then placing it one notch away from the direction of pull to see if that helps.


From: JerryB
Buffalo , MN

Question: Were you ever able to get to the source of your shifting problem on your 2003 Sportsman? I have a 2001 700 Twin and I am not able to shift it back into any of the lower gears, it is stuck in high. I am afraid I will end up taking the tranny apart to fix it.

Hi Jerry,

Unfortunately it sounds like you may need professional help from your dealer. If you have looked at the shift linkage and all visable points in the shifting line to only determine no problems then its time to visit the dealer.


Subject: 1995 Honda TRX250D

I just got my atv back on the road again. I had it out and when i'm riding in third through fifth gears i can't open up the throttle full, it seems like it is bogging down and won't fully open up. I've tried numerous things and still can't find out what the problem is. Do you have any suggestions,

Thanks Rich.

Well Rich,

There are a few things to check right off the bat. Has the air filter been cleaned thoroughly lately? How old is the gas in the quad. Is there a possibility that there could have been water in the gas can you used that eventually made its way into the tank? I know these questions sound basic but you’d be surprised. Also is the bike bogging under load or under flat ground running?

Try the first few suggestions and let us know if these end up being the culprit.


From: Richard Thompson
Subject: 2000 Yamaha BearTracker

Hey I have a 2000 yamaha beartracker having problems setting timing I can not find a book for info can u help?


Hi Richard,

There are many sources for manuals in the good ole USA. Yamaha has a section on their website that gives you service and owner manuals for purchase. The service manual is a must have if you intend on keeping the ATV for a while. Did you know the first Beartracker in 1999 was built in Georgia? Useless trivia I know. I'll list the html below.

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