Up Close With the 2010 Can-Am Utility ATV Line Up

ATV changes, options and prices

May. 29, 2009 By Ricky Sosebee

As our industry is changing so are the needs of the consumer. The times of bold new graphics and colors have been replaced with industry leading changes to the rides themselves. Can-Am has long been known for making steps that not only propel them into the future but to keep them there.

Power Steering for 2010 Models

BRP ATV Digital Power Steering moduleThe addition of Power steering on several Can-Am models is finally here. DPS or Dynamic Power Steering has hit the trail and the results are amazing. With two modes of operation riders can select the setting that best suits the ride conditions. The word Dynamic describes how this system is Speed-sensitive. So as your speed increases on long straight trails the amount of assist you will get gradually becomes less as the speed picks up. This is just the opposite when riding at a slower pace.

Let's say you are crawling through some knarly hillside; this is when the DPS would be felt the most. Helping you guide the ATV with minimal effort. The dual DPS modes are noted simply by MIN and MAX. Minimum mode is used in higher speed riding and Max would be the lower speed setting. These modes are easily toggled through on the digital dash panel on each unit. Can-Am believes that contrary to the automotive world, ATV riders need more than a “one level fits all” approach.

So which models can you expect to find this new Dynamic Power Steering on? The Outlander Max LTD is a shoe-in for total luxury performance and the Outlander 800R XT/XT-P models will also have this feature. The Renegade 800X-xc will be the only other to carry the DPS system. Getting premium features like DPS may cost a bit more but the comfort of power steering is worth it.

Changes for Visco-Lok

As with any addition to steering components there can be areas that exist which may need recalibration to accept the changes made. This recalibration was performed on the Visco-Lok front differential on the DPS-equipped models. The new name for this system is the Visco-Lok QE and the QE stands for Quick Engagement that refers to a faster engaging time to help decrease wheel slip. Basically to keep it simple, it just makes everything work better!

With the biggest news out of the bag, let’s move on to some other interesting new additions for the world of Can-Am ATV’s.

Cosmetic Changes and More Power To Ya

The cutting edge designs that Can-Am has been known for is finally starting to trickle down into the base models in the line-up. The awesome Outlander front fascia that was introduced last year has now been included on all Outlander models and it looks great. But this is just the tip of the ever-moving Can-Am product line improvements.

In the Outlander 800R EFI realm, the power on this beast has been tuned to an impressive 71 horsepower and just a twitch of the throttle will reveal that truth! The new and improved front suspension geometry will also lend to a smoother steering ride on the non-DPS equipped models.

There have been many cosmetic changes that resulted in performance gains as well. The new 12-inch aluminum wheels reduce unsprung weight by 1.4 pounds and they aren’t bad looking either. Dressed in the Badlands 26-inch tire this set-up is ready for show or go. Once held for the XT package the new rims will be available on most base models as well with the XT package having its very own distinct wheel design and Carlisle ACT tire for improved radial performance. The only Outlander base model that will not get the 12-inch aluminum wheels stock is the Outlander 400, however they are available in the XT package for this model.

BRP Outlander Wheel BRP Outlander ATV Guage BRP Outlander XT Wheel

The XT package will also include things like a 3000lb winch with remote, Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), Visco-Lok QE front differential, a more powerful Magneto at 650 watts, wind/brush deflectors and XT specific front and rear bumpers.

If power is your vice then look into the Outlander 650 EFI as well because the engineers are now claiming a 7% increase over previous models putting this engine at 60hp. This engine is fed by a single 46mm throttle body and with four valves per cylinder pulling fuel from two VDO Sieman’s fuel injectors the power is at its peak when you need it. These same engineers now place the 650cc Rotax power plant at the top of the ladder over any make or other production model made under 800cc. This quite a bold statement but with the facts presented it could very well be the truth.

With the standard Outlander you get many great options to make the ride better.

BRP ATV with NUVi GPSNow is the time when Can-Am would spring another incredible feature on us in the Outlander MAX line. The Outlander MAX limited has long been a sought after two up riding fortress and now with a couple of key tuning abilities it’s just that much better.

The limited (LTD) version of the awesome 800R Max gives riders new directions with an updated GPS system by Garmin. This NUVi 500 touch screen GPS unit is color and gives owners of this stylish model the use of the GPS in the trail or in the car with many features. But this isn’t even close to the best news on this model.



The 2010 Outlander 800R EFI Max LTD will have a tunable suspension for all day comfort on the trail or on the farm. Can-Am has teamed up with industry greats at Fox Shocks and now you can tune your ride for two up, heavy loading or just plain all out trail running. The ACS or air controlled rear suspension can be adjusted to six (6) presets to help maintain the high quality of rider comfort on the trail.

Can-Ams new Fox Racing Shox built rear suspension comes with its own compressor and if you need it there is a nice long air hose to refill the tires should they get low on the trail. This is also available on the Outlander 500 Max Limited models.

Buying into the Limited Outlander Max line gets you all the comforts of the XT package as well. The Max gives us a longer wheelbase and stadium style seating for our friends or loved ones to enjoy the experience of the outdoors with us.

Backing their products with a claimed industry-best warranty makes the purchase even more confidence inspiring.

On a final note, the 800R Max Limited versions are available in two colors: Radiant Red and Metallic Silver that is painted on for a beautiful finish. The 500 Max Limited’s are only available in Metallic silver.


So there is the skinny on some of the new Utility line-up of products from Can-Am.

There are a few more-race-oriented quads available, so stay tuned for the second part of our coverage to read about those. It’s racing as usual, but in a very different way for Can-Am owners and future racers.



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2010 CAN-AM™ ATV
Effective as of Mai 29th, 2009
Outlander™ 400 Viper Red 6,799 $
Outlander™ 400 XT Yellow 7,849 $
Viper Red
Outlander™ 500 Yellow 7,799 $
Outlander™ 500 XT Yellow 9,299 $
Viper Red
Camo 9,699 $
Outlander™ 650 Yellow 8,399 $
Viper Red
Outlander™ 650 XT Yellow 9,899 $
Viper Red
Camo 10,299 $
Outlander™ Max 400 Green 7,649 $
Viper Red
Outlander™ Max 400 XT Yellow 8,699 $
Viper Red
Outlander™ Max 500 Yellow 8,649 $
Outlander™ Max 500 XT Yellow 10,149 $
Viper Red
Camo 10,549 $
Outlander™ Max 500 XT-P Black & Yellow 10,649 $
Outlander™ Max 500 Ltd Steel Grey Metallic 11,999 $
Outlander™ Max 650 Yellow 9,249 $
Viper Red
Outlander™ Max 650 XT Yellow 10,749 $
Viper Red
Camo 11,149 $
Outlander™ Max 650 XT-P Black & Yellow 11,249 $
Outlander™ Max 800R Yellow 10,099 $
Viper Red
Outlander™ Max 800R XT Yellow 11,599 $
Viper Red
Camo 11,999 $
Outlander™ Max 800R XT-P Black & Yellow 12,099 $
Outlander™ Max 800R Ltd Radiant Red Metallic 13,449 $
Steel Grey Metallic
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