Suzuki LT80 Light Kit Review

Mar. 01, 2002 By George Szappanos

If you happen to be in the market for a 4-wheeler for your youngster, you may have noticed that the one feature not so coincidentally left off new youth-size ATVs is lighting.

The story is, that our beloved sport's watchdog group, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), frowns on the equipment of lighting on quads intended for those 12 and younger. Now you may wonder why exactly this is, as we have, figuring that lighting could only add an element of safety. Well, it's likely that CPSC's rationale is that if our kids don't have lights, they won't ride at night. And of course, riding when it's dark could be dangerousssss..

The kit includes headlight, taillight, brackets, switch, and harness - the dead president is extra.

Good thing for a company like Little Light Products to come along. Here's the scenario. You're out riding the dunes of southern California, or the wooded hillsides of the Ohio River valley, and for any number of reasons (broke down, lost track of time, got lost) you find yourself franticly trying to get back to camp with only the fleeting rays of twilight guiding your little quadster's way. Now how safe is that? Little Light Products saw the light, and began producing kits to equip one of the most popular youth-size quads of all time - the Suzuki LT80 Quadrunner, and is working on kits for others.

The on/off switch goes right into the cowl. A little red light indicates ON, as if the beaming 55w halogen bulb wasn't enough..

A few days after a call to the guys at Little Light Products, a particularly small package appeared on our doorstep. Enclosed was everything one could need to install this kit - from brackets, to wire harnesses, to even a "fish wire" to help you pull the wiring through the frame. Installation was a breeze. A two-piece aluminum clamp attaches to the handle bar between the steering stem clamps. A steel bracket is sandwiched between the clamp and holds the little aluminum halogen lamp assembly. Next, the front cowl is removed so a hole can be drilled for the light switch (which is illuminated). While the cowl is off, pre-cut wires are run from the light to the switch, and back to the battery. And if that wasn't enough, a tail light is also included that mounts to the whip-flag hole.

Once installed, the light looks like it came on the Quad from the factory that way.

That's it. A one hour job. And for a little 55 watt halogen light, it sure does a thorough job lighting things up - certainly enough light to keep ahead of 30 mph machine. In fact, it'd be adequate for most full size machines. The completeness and ease of installation is commendable, and the quality of hardware is on par with what the OEMs are producing from the factory.

Can't wait to go riding at night!

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