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Oct. 29, 2007 By Ricky Sosebee

Project Workhorse Pt 6

HMF EFI programmer

Our Workhorse has a new exhaust and with the added breathing room we thought we might better add a little more fuel to sweeten the punch. The HMF Electronic fuel injection programmer comes in a multi-position adjustment setup that allows for various fuel delivery levels by changing the fuel mapping from stock. This should add a few more ponies over the stock EFI and in combination with the pipe there will be less gravel in the trail for sure.

Our installation started with removing the seats and right side plastic that covers the Fuel injection. HMF recommends the Programmer be mounted in the Gauge cluster hood but in order to adjust this equipment out right we chose to place it in a much easier location to get to. The spot we chose was right in the center of the backside of the air box. This makes it easier to change settings while on the trail. This may not be a great place to leave the device because it isn?t exactly waterproof but it?s a perfect spot until you get it set to your liking.

Looking around under the wiring that seems to be piled up in the area just where we needed to be our first fuel injection plug was found. The plug has a small clip and when pressed and pulled ever so gently it pops out at your mercy. Always be very careful when pulling on wiring in these areas and always pull the plug not the wire. The HMF Optimizer comes with two plugs for each cylinder. One of the quick clip plugs will fit snugly into the injector and the other will fit directly into the stock injector wiring. After carefully swapping both of these injector wires out its time to wrap up the excess cabling.

Keeping these wires off any heat producing pipes or out of the way of any thing that can possibly pull them apart is the key. All I can say is zip tie and when in doubt zip tie again. If these get into mischief you could be stuck on the trail whining? like a sissy while your buddies cruise on out.

The Ground wire can be placed in a variant of spots and the most recommended placement is anywhere that the Optimizer will get a solid ground. HMF suggests that the ground be bolted on with the rack that holds the electrical plug cluster under the Speedo gauge and key switch.

So now it?s to the big task at hand, which is the adjustment of each of the parameters that exist inside the Optimizer. Before starting the engine on the workhorse we checked to make sure the programmer was powered up with the switch on.

The list of Adjustable parameters reads like this:

Mode One: This primarily helps during start-up or if a lean condition at idle exists.

Mode Two: Fuel addition during hard acceleration.

Mode Three: Fuel addition during full throttle

Mode Four: Adjustment point for when acceleration throttle fuel kicks in.

Mode Five: Adjustment point for when full throttle fuel kicks in.

When you purchase your HMF Optimizer rest assured that the settings are almost perfect but some minor adjustments for your own modifications may be needed. In our case the Optimizer only needed slight adjusting and off to the trails we went. While out in the woods there were a few tests performed to give us an idea how the optimizer works. Adding more fuel during full throttle can definitely be felt in the seat of your pants and the blast off the bottom was incredible. With our HMF Utility series pipe the beast was breathing like a steam engine. The final addition to this combination was the Twin Air Filter. The guys at Twin Air sent out one of their best Dual Stage filters and the setup was complete. This filtration set-up has a large flat contact layer that gives our testers confidence that less grease around the mating surface is ok and be assured that the dual stage filtration will get the dust out also.

Well its time for an all out test session to see how the combination of our products comes together.

One final story to come on our Project Workhorse so be sure to check back and get a peep of the Workhorse in action.

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