KTM Launches 2009 450 SX and 505 SX at RedBud

A premium machine at a premium price

Aug. 04, 2008 By Dean Waters

Last week at Round 10 of the AMA PRO ATV Nationals, KTM launched the new 2009 450SX and 505SX ATV's.

RedBud has to be the premier facility on the 2009 ATV Pro Motocross tour so what a great place to launch the new KTM SX machines. These are "Ready to Race" motocross machines that KTM says can be competitive at the Pro-Am level with no additional modifications.

Tim Farr and KTM 450 SX

SX vs XC

The SX machines come 50 inches wide with WP shocks, DWT Beadlock wheels, Maxxis Razr tires, nerf bars, kill switch, and more. The SX machine is not simply a wider XC machine.

To start with, this is a different engine from the XC model, with no reverse. The motor is a two cam motor that features a bigger bore and shorter stroke than the XC. While the XC models have Ohlin shocks, the SX models have high/low speed compression adjustable WP shocks front and rear. The SX model comes with a plastic headlight cover that allows you to either leave the stock headlight in place underneath it or you can easily remove the stock headlight. The fuel tank is smaller and positioned lower than the XC model. The SX features a redesigned rear suspension with a different swingarm than the XC model.. The shock mounting location has been moved to allow for an additional 10 mm of shaft travel.

  KTM 450 XC KTM 450 SX
Displacement 447cc 449cc
Bore X Stroke 89 x 72 mm 97 x 60.8 mm
Carburetor Keihin FCR 39 mm Keihin FCR 41 mm
Front Suspension    
Brand / Wheel travel Ohlins / 275 mm WP / 244 mm
Features Fully adjustable (comp. / prel. / rebound) with adjustable crossover and piggyback reservoir Fully adjustable (prel. / rebound) with high / low speed compression adjustability, piggyback reservoir, and adjustable crossover
Rear Suspension    
Brand / Wheel travel Ohlins / 272 mm WP / 258 mm
Features Fully adjustable (comp. / prel. / rebound) with piggyback reservoir and PDS Fully adjustable (prel. / rebound) with high / low speed compression adjustability, piggyback reservoir, adjustable crossover and PDS
Front Maxxis Razr AT 21 x 7 - 10" Maxxis Razr MX AT 20 x 6 - 10" - Soft
Rear Maxxis Razr AT 20 x11 - 9 " Maxxis Razr MX AT 18 x10 - 8 " - Soft
Exhaust Aluminum EXC Racing Aluminum SX Racing
Seat Height 820 mm 795 mm
Ground Clearance 290 mm 265 mm
Rear width 1,076 - 1,148 mm 1,193 - 1,265 mm
Front Width 1,115 mm 1,265 mm
Weight w/o Fuel 163 kg 165 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.4 L 10.3 L
Additional SX Features   Nerf bars
    Plastic headlight cover. Easily removable stock headlight.
    Rear rim with Beadlock

Go to Page 2 to find out why the KTM SX is built for the racer - and his mechanic...

Built for the racer AND THE MECHANIC

From top to bottom the KTM SX machine is built for the racer and his mechanic. There are features galore that the racer can appreciate but the mechanic, or racer who works on his own machine, will appreciate this machine even more.

450SX Engine KM 505SX Engine
Oil capacity is nearly 2 liters, despite the lack of an external oil tank. The SX engine is designed to rev higher and quicker than the XC.

To start with you will not need the Craftsman tool store and a two-story tool box. With three or four sizes, everything on the KTM can be disassembled and assembled. Most areas all use welded nuts so you don't even need two wrenches to remove the part. Brake pads can be removed and changed with ONE bolt. The air cleaner can be changed with no tools.

Some of the not-so-obvious tasks are also made easy. How about removing the engine? If you are a racer your engine gets removed quite often. Ever have to change an engine between motos? Well, you want to be doing it on a KTM and not some other brand. The motor has no external oil tank or oil lines to worry about. There are no upper stays. The KTM is designed so you can have the motor out and back in, in no time.

No Tool air filter
No tools required for air filter change

Like to keep your bike clean? You can remove the complete rear plastic with one wrench and several bolts. You don't have to remove a battery. It is mounted down low and to the frame. No air box to remove because the air box is built in the rear plastic.

Ever have to change a rear master cylinder? The KTM master cylinder is completely self-contained. You can change the complete brake system in minutes. How about a sprocket or rotor? You don't even have to remove the quick change hubs as the sprocket and rotor are designed to slip over them. Even the rear aluminum sub-frame is an easy change. There are no wires or hoses threaded in and out of it. Just a few bolts and it is off the ATV.

No Tool air filter
Swingarm designed for MX. Eccentric chain adjustment. Non-O ring chain for less resistance. easy change sprockets and quick change wheel hubs.

Tim Farr

To debut the new SX machine not only was the media in attendance given the chance to race it, but Tim Farr raced in the very competitive 30+ class. In Moto 1 Tim made the pass for the lead about 1/2 way into the first lap but unfortunately had a fuel line come off. In Moto 2 he came back to dominate the class.

No Tool air filter
Tim Farr leads a sea of orange in the Industry Class at RedBud on his KTM 450SX.

Premium Features Galore

Everywhere you look on the KTM SX there are features that you only find on "built" machines. Take the aluminum anti-vibe stem with adjustable mount and aluminum tapered bars. The fully adjustable and break-away levers. The quick change clutch cover. The large serrated foot pegs. The eccentric chain adjustment. The removable front fenders. The large fan on the radiator. The replaceable ball joints. The hydraulic clutch that needs no adjustment. From front to rear, the engineers considered every little detail.

Premium machine at a Premium Price

The only catch is that all those premium features come with a hefty price tag. At a whopping $11,398 for the 450 SX and $11,698 for the 505 SX, that's nearly $3,000 more than the newly released Can-Am MX machine ($8,999). Your checkbook is going to feel the hit. Is it worth it? We will let you decide.

No Tool air filter
2009 KTM 450SX / 505 SX
A premium machine at a premium price

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