ATV Review: 2007 Can-Am Renegade 800

A different kind of sport quad

Jul. 03, 2007 By Dean Waters

For the last several months we have been doing our best to put the 2007 Can-Am Renegade test unit through its paces. We test a lot of different ATVs, some get you excited and some don't. The Can-Am Renegade is an exciting machine. The Renegade just drips testosterone from the first time you see it until you start it up and hear the throaty rumble that it produces. The Renegade attracts attention anywhere you take it. If you don't want to be noticed, this is NOT the machine for you.

A Sport Quad or a Utility Quad?

Both. Neither. Well, it depends? The Can-Am Renegade is definitely in a class of its own. The Renegade has a sport attitude. The Renegade has a sport look. The Renegade has a sport sound. Like a sport quad there are no racks to pack on many pounds of gear. Hit the fire roads like a sport quad.

But don't hit the whoops like you're on a traditional sport quad. Do that and you will find yourself looking at the sky. It will quickly remind you that you are sitting on a 600 lb 4x4 machine.

Let the Renegade Fly

What about the spring and winter riding season or the non-maintained trail system? The deep water crossings, intermittent snow banks, or the fallen trees. If you're riding the traditional sport quad you will find yourself turning around and heading back to the truck. Not on the Renegade. Flip the handlebar mounted switch into 4WD and just keep on going. Now you're in 4x4 territory and the Renegade will take on the terrain that a sport quad will only think about. The visco lock differential works like a charm, pulling you though or over obstacles and you don't have to worry about locking or unlocking the diff since it is fully automatic.

The Renegade is right at home in the mud and water

While the Renegade was incredibly fun on the wide open trails we found that it became a handful in the tight trails with lots of turns. A sport quad is much more nimble and maneuverable in this environment. The steering acts like it has too much caster which it probably does for this type of trail riding. Of course this is what makes it stable on high speed trails. The Renegade is in desperate need of power steering.

If the trails get tight then the Renegade is not so nimble and is in desperate need of power steering.

Utility Quad?

So is it really a utility machine? With 4WD and a 800cc twin it has many of the capabilities of utility machine. But if you are used to strapping lots of extra gear or large boxes on your machine it just is not going to happen with the Can-Am Renegade. There is a small area on the back where you can strap a backpack or enough gear for a day ride but don't try putting a bale of hay on it. You will break the fenders.

What you can do though, is order up the hitch kit from your Can-Am dealer and hook a trailer on the back of your Renegade. We hooked up an ATV Wagon by Bosski and used the Renegade around the farm letting the wagon carry all the gear. With the Renegade in low range and a trailer hooked on the back we were able to get all the work done so we could unhook and go play.

Hook up an ATV Wagon to your Renegade and you can get your chores done before going on a ride


We have had two issues with our 2007 Can-Am Renegade. Soon after we received our test unit we were moving it when the starter basically stuck on. Even with the key off or the engine running the starter continued to turn it over and over. We found ourselves quickly disconnecting the battery before it caused something more serious. A trip to the dealer and a bad starter solenoid was identified and replaced. We have not heard of any other users having this same problem.

The second minor issue was that the shift knob fell off. We don't know when but on one of our rides it suddenly was gone. I guess it vibrated off.

Add log for additional fun!

10 HR Maintenance

The digital maintenance warning provided by the on-board computer sure is handy giving you a reminder as to when the Renegade needs serviced. On the other hand, taking it to a dealer to get it serviced is not that handy. Our dealer charged $119 for it's 10 HR maintenance which is basically an oil change, filter cleaning, then resetting the computer. If you have a friendly dealer he may let you do the service yourself then reset the computer for you. We have heard of some dealers charging up to $300.

We love riding the Renegade when the terrain is wide open.

Sport 4x4

We have decided to classifiy the Renegade as a Sport 4x4. The Sport 4x4 market is sure to only grow with the Can-Am Renegade leading the way. We think this is a great class and a great machine for many ATV riders. Now if we can only get Can-Am to add power steering the Renegade could become one of our all time favorites... Newsletter
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