2010 Kymco ATV and UTV Lineup

Dec. 01, 2009 By Ricky Sosebee

Many manufacturers of ATV and UTV products have long tried to get into the American market. There is one company in Kymco, however, which has succeeded in this venture, and we have information on the products the company will offer in 2010.

Kymco is a Taiwan-based company that has become a fixture in the American ATV market. Known more for their scooters, we see the company growing in this market with support and service being the key to their success. Many companies overlook support and service and thus get moved into the round file of major players.

Kymco UXV500 LE

For the 2010 model year, Kymco will improve upon what is offered at the end of the sale by adding a few goodies to their MXU and UXV lines. The LE, or Limited Edition, models in the MXU product line will include items such as a winch, alloy wheels, rear cargo box and gear grips. The hand guards on the LE models will also include rearview mini mirrors for added benefit.

Then moving onto the UXV 500LE, we see the addition of a full, cloth-cab enclosure as well as full windshield, gear rail packages and a gas pack for the longer days on the trail. The UXV gets a winch as well, but the rating is moved from 2500 pounds as seen on the MXU line to a hefty 3000-pound version for the added weight in the vehicle. The packages make the line of Limited Edition models from Kymco a great value, according to the PR manager Rick Pawelka. And with pricing nailed down, this is sure to attract many consumers. These LE models fall right in place at $5999 for the MXU 375 LE and $6999 for the MXU 500 IRS LE. The UXV500 will come in under ten grand at an amazing $9499 with all the additional hardware. That is great pricing for the additional features on the models.

Kymco MXU 500

For 2010, Kymco has also added IRS, or Independent Rear Suspension, to the MXU 500 as a standard feature. This will make great improvements to the comfort and handling of this utility ATV. If you remember, last year the MXU 375 and the UXV 500 had garnered the IRS. With our market in the utility segment being almost all IRS, it was really a choice that Kymco couldn’t afford not to make. Everything adds up to a forward-moving company who has shown gradual progress in the United States.

So the biggest news for Kymco in 2010 has to be its crossover ATV that blends the utilitarian ride with a sporty new feel. The Maxxer 375 brings to the table a broad spectrum of items, such as independent rear suspension and aggressive styling. There are no racks here even though the skeletal remains when the plastics are gone are that of the Maxxer’s sibling the MXU 375. Granted the plastics do not help the performance of the machine, but it does increase the trail-riding speed by sheer looks. Coming into the world of crossover machines, the engineers at Kymco hope that the beginning rider can find a home base with the Maxxer 375. Lets take a look at the Maxxer 375 and its beginning status.


Kymco Maxxer 375

As we stated before, the Maxxer 375 has many similarities to the MXU 375.  There is the 366cc DOHC single-cylinder four-stroke powerplant that is air-cooled yet still carbureted and fed through the 34mm Kehin carb. Kymco has yet to jump into the whole fuel-injection realm as of 2010. The Maxxer’s robust engine makes a stated 26 horsepower, and after riding this machine it is apparent that the numbers are close to spot on.

The suspension is independent front and rear with dual A-arms holding the tires to the ground. The stock shocks are nothing fancy but get the job done, as they only have spring-assist with preload adjustments on the springs. There is, however, a stated seven inches of travel front to rear and that gives the ride its comfort. The ground clearance on the Maxxer 375 is 10 inches, and this will allow most obstacles to be driven over in the trail with little trouble. Braking on the Maxxer is handled by dual front hydraulic discs, and the rear is a single disc. There is no problem stopping what you start on this machine, even at its claimed dry weight of 590 pounds.

Kymco MXU 375

This Maxxer also has full footwells to keep the trail muck off the rider. This is a plus, and so is the broad yet stylish looking front and rear fenders. With aggressive styling in mind, the Maxxer comes equipped from the factory in cool custom aluminum alloy wheels covered in Maxxis MS09 spec tires.

The Maxxer comes in black and red, white and blue. It’s wild that a company that has worked so hard to get into the American market would offer the Maxxer in red, white and blue. Crazy, right? Or maybe it’s not crazy and just a very smart marketing department behind the scenes!

Kymco has come a very long way in the past few years, and even though some may feel they have a long road ahead, I will say this: They are determined to give American consumers what they want in off-road fun.

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