Teixeira Tech KTM XC A-Arms

Camber and caster adjustable

Nov. 29, 2008 By Press Release
Teixeira Tech is proud to announce they have finished up testing on their new XC and MX a-arms for the KTM XC. Both of these sets are designed to work with stock shocks. These a-arms correct the shock mount location on the a-arms. The stock shocks bottom out way too early. By doing this, they have gained additional travel. According to Teixeira Tech’s specs, the stock KTM XC quad has about 9 1/2 inches of vertical travel.

Everything needed is included except for the lower ball joints. You must re-use the oem ball joints. They are camber and caster adjustable using Teixeira Tech’s new innovative camber/castor adjustment system.

A-arms start at $945.00 for complete kit (without lower ball joint). Needle Bearing upgrade is available for $100.00.

The XC A-arms bring you up to just under 10 1/2 inches of travel. These a-arms are the Ground Clearance type and stock width. Uppers & Lowers are available as individual kits.

The MX A-arms bring you to just over 10 1/2 inches of travel. They are also the Ground Clearance type. Your front end will be just over 49 1/2 inches wide with this kit with the stock wheels and tires.

Check out new products and more at www.teixeiratech.com, or call for details: (209) 833-9160.

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