Snyder Motorsports introduces the Snyder Revv Pipe

Dec. 04, 2008 By Press Release

Could this pipe be the secret to extract the power the CVT minis have been lacking? Will this new breakthrough pipe revolutionize the industry for 2 stroke mini motors?......The dyno says......Yes!

The dyno shows huge gains in both 70cc and 90cc minis. The gains are across the board on stock cylinders, ported cylinders, metrakit and all other cylinders tested. The dyno tests compare against stock pipes, aftermarket pipes and even the highly rated metrakit pipe. The gains are in torque, horse power, acceleration and top speed.

The Snyder Revvv Pipe is also turning heads at the tracks that they are showing up at. They are out powering well known national motors. The pipe is a must have for the serious racer and all who just want to go faster. The Snyder Revv Pipe is producing the single most gains to mini motors on the market today...Period.

So...if you’re searching for The Holy Grail of mini pipes...You just found it.

For info about the Snyder Revv Pipe contact Shawn at Snyder Motorsports.

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