Review: 2010 Can-Am Race-Bred ATV Line-up

Some bold new graphics, new EPS - and Race Support

Jun. 01, 2009 By Ricky Sosebee

For 2010 the racing world can expect a shake-up, with the new Can-Am DS450X-mx and -xc breaking new ground - literally.

Race Support

Motoworks ATV Exhaust pipeIf you are a racer just starting out or a more-seaoned competitor and just need that extra little bit of support to get you to the next level, you are in luck. Can-Am has a bold new amateur racer support program that starts with the purchase of a DS450 and DS450X model ATV. The sporty race breed has set the world of ATV racing on fire and continues to bring home trophies in many race series.

With your approved application you will get a Motoworks stage one kit that includes a Motoworks SR4 pipe, race-programmed ECM, radiator grill and battery support. All of this is free with your purchase of a qualifying DS450 product and approved race support application.

*Make note however - once you sign that form and accept the upgrade kit, your factory warranty on your new DS is officially VOID. This is an important consideration. If you are racing, any after-market work pretty much voids your warranty anyway.

Once approved, you will be eligible for up to $1,000 off your DS450 purchase. There is a $1,000 X-Team parts allowance, 75% off other specific Can-Am performance kits - and with $1 million in Can-Am X-Team Contingency waiting, it’s always a good day to go racing.

2010 Can-Am DS450 ATV2010 DS450 Upgrades

The 2010 DS450 has a few subtle changes, including the redesign of the front grill. This gives the radiator added protection as well as the better cooling riders DS450 have been asking for. The familiar Rotax 4-tech 450 EFI will power these race-crafts and the Altec aluminum frame will give this engine support. The KYB high-pressure gas shocks are still keeping the ride smooth for the R-Type double A-arm front suspension, while the R-Type rear swinger gets the same treatment. Yes, its pretty much business as usual in the stock DS450 stable.

Can-Am DS 450X-XCNext door in the X-factory, the DS450X-mx and the DS450X-xc have received a couple of upgrades worthy of mention. The DS450X-xc will have all-aluminum nerfs as usual. Can-Am is trying to accommodate every racer right off the showroom floor to not only add value to the products they sell but to give a more complete package for serious competition.

The graphics package has changed just a bit for both units in 2010. The additional yellow on both X-Packages brings just a bit more contrast to the race scene. There are also new stock netted nerf bars that offer maximum protection for the serious MX racers.


2010 Can-Am DS450

2010 Can-Am Renegade ATV

Page 2 - A Whole New Renegade

Upgrades for the Recreational Rider - Who Still Wants to Go Fast

In 2010 the Renegade line has grown a bit to offer a unique package of goodies. Not only does Can-Am still offer style and performance in the popular Renegade, but its in 800R and 500cc versions as well.

The basic Renegade stays the same with only minor changes, including 71 more ponies under the hood. The Visco-Lok front differential and Motion control shocks will remain, as well as the 12-inch cast wheels and 60-watt projector beam headlights. This is where the road now forks.

Can-Am Renegade

Can-Am Renegaade 800R EFI X-XC ATVTerror On Four Wheels

Introducing the new Renegade 800R EFI X-xc. This terror on four wheels has many new parts to brag about.

Not only does it look incredible but with Dual-Mode Dynamic power steering its bound to be more comfortable to ride all day long. The Visco-Lok QE is included on this model to give faster lock in of the front differential when needed. This package comes with race-inspired beadlock wheels, a more powerful magneto at 650 watts and X-xc specific graphic package with a premium embroidered seat cover that sets this stallion apart from its competition. There is even a new trick ½ inch diameter sway bar that is mounted across the lower front A-arm to control body roll in tight cornering situations.

With the swagger of this rebel under control, Can-Am has included a suspension upgrade to match. The HPG (high performance gas) shocks are piggyback-style on the front with high /low compression adjustability and preload adjustments as well. The rear are reservoir shocks with the same high- and low-speed compression adjustments, as well as preload adjustability. Combine this with a tough new aluminum skid plate, aluminum taper profile handlebar with square pad and brush guards and you potentially have the beginning of a GNCC racer's career right off the showroom floor.

Can-Am Renegade 800 ATV

2010 Can-Am Outlander ATVOutlanders Are Still In

Last but certainly not least would be the new Outlander 800R EFI, 650 EFI and 500 EFI XT-P models. These Outlanders will dress in the XT package accessories but will have premium painted plastic in yellow and black. You will also get mud-guards and XT-P specific aluminum wheels with colored inserts as an added bonus.


See Page 3 for pricing information


2010 CAN-AM™ ATV
Effective as of Mai 29th, 2009
Outlander™ 500 XT-P Black & Yellow 9,799 $
Outlander™ 650 XT-P Black & Yellow 10,399 $
Outlander™ 800R Yellow 9,249 $
Viper Red
Outlander™ 800R XT Yellow 10,749 $
Viper Red
Camo 11,149 $
Outlander™ 800R XT-P Black & Yellow 11,249 $
Renegade™ 500 Yellow 8,049 $
Viper Red
Renegade™ 800R Yellow 9,699 $
Viper Red
Renegade™ 800R Xxc Yellow & Black 12,199 $
DS 250™ Yellow 3,699 $
DS 450™ Yellow 7,799 $
DS 450™ X xc Yellow & Black 8,949 $
DS 450™ X mx Yellow & Black 9,149 $
DS 70™ Yellow 1,999 $
DS 90™ Yellow 2,499 $
DS 90™ X Yellow & Black 3,349 $
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