2009 Polaris ATV Contingency Program

Jan. 24, 2009 By Press Release
Welcome to the Polaris ATV Contingency Program. For 2009 Polaris is offering an industry leading contingency program for all adult and youth classes. This program offers contingency dollars for racers who compete in the top of their classes and meet Polaris ATV Contingency Program eligibility requirements listed below. If you meet these requirements, complete sections A–D of the 2009 Enrollment Form to enroll in the Polaris ATV Contingency Program.

See 2009 Contingency Claim Form for contingency information and payment.

For additional forms, please contact your local dealer, or go online to www.polarisfactoryracing.com.

Eligibility Requirements

ATV Model and Racer
1. The following Polaris ATV’s will be eligible for contingency under the 2009 Polaris ATV Contingency Program:
> Model Year 2006 and newer Polaris Outlaw ATVs
> Model year 2004 and newer Polaris Predator ATVs
> Model year 2004 and newer Polaris Outlaw 90, Sportsman 90, Predator 90, and Predator 50 ATVs
2. All Polaris logos must be predominantly displayed on the vehicle.
3. Contingency will be paid only to registered Polaris owners and only to riders who have executed the release and waiver set forth below. Sales registration for the ATV must be on file with Polaris Industries Inc. (Polaris) prior to the race date.
4. Contingency forms will only be issued to riders with a valid U.S. or Canada mailing address.
5. Factory-sponsored teams and/or riders are ineligible for 2009 Polaris ATV Contingency Program.

ATV Race Series
1. The following race series will be eligible for the 2009 Polaris Contingency Program:
> GNCC – Grand National Cross Country Series
> WORCS – World Off Road Championship Series
> ITP – Quad Cross Series
> SCORE – Desert Race Series
> BITD – Best In The Desert Series
> CMRC – Canadian Motorsport Racing Club Series
> AMA – Pro ATV Tour
2. Contingency will only be eligible for finishes in NATIONAL Events for each series. No regional or local races are eligible for contingency.

Race & Contingency Claim
1. 2009 Polaris ATV Contingency Program Period: January 1 — December 15, 2009
2. Contingency will be only paid after:
> Polaris receives the completed 2009 ATV Contingency Claim Form within 30 days of each applicable event.
> Confirmation of the race results from the race promoter and that the rider has competed on the qualified Polaris model.
3. Contingency will be paid for racers best overall finish in one class per event. Contingencies will only be paid for nationally scheduled events in each series.
4. At least five racers must compete in any event to qualify for the 2009 Polaris ATV Contingency Program.
5. Falsification of claim forms will result in future disqualification from any contingency programs. 2009 Polaris ATV Contingency Program qualification and details are subject to change without notice.
6. In all matters concerning the interpretation of the 2009 Polaris ATV Contingency Program, the decision of Polaris is final.
7. Polaris has the right to cancel or modify this program anytime, without prior notice.

Contingency Payment
1. All contingency awards will be paid via the Polaris Performance Contingency Card. The Polaris Performance Contingency Card is a prepaid Visa debit card. The card has no cash value and no available credit line. If the card is used for more than the available balance, the transaction will be denied.
2. This card will be accepted anywhere VISA is accepted.
3. Upon expiration of the Polaris Performance Card, any remaining account balance will no longer be accessible. See card for expiration date.
4. All contingency earned in 2009 must be claimed for reimbursement by December 1, 2009.

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