Suspensions Unlimited 2-Seat Sand Pro 2

The newest Sand Car from Suspensions Unlimited

Mar. 01, 2007 By Mike Lyon
Suspensions Unlimited 2-Seat mid engine Sand Pro 2      We recently got a chance to get a close look at John Begins', owner of Suspensions Unlimited (SU), personal sand car. It's the newest model in the SU line-up; the fire breathing 2-seat mid-engine Sand Pro-2. This innovative luxury sand car features big horse power, plush suspension, and everything needed for a safe and reliable e-ticket ride through the dunes!

SU demo hauler/support rig      Suspensions Unlimited was purchased in 2004 by John and Cathi Begin. They have been married for 14 years and have 2 children. John and Cathi have been going to the dunes since they could barely walk and the same holds true with their own children. When John and Cathi bought Suspensions Unlimited they moved it to the current 40,000 square foot facility in Ontario, CA. They wanted to create a 'Sand Toy Super Store' by offering sand toys, gear, parts, a full blown service shop, and even ATV parts all under one roof. SU was the 1st to offer a show room of sand cars where a customer could walk in and buy a sand car the same day. SU also got sand rails into the financing market. John, with a real estate developing back ground, struck a deal with a credit union to finance their customers sand toys just like many of them finance their motor homes. For 10% down and $350-$550 a month you can own any of SU?s cars. Now most of the sand rail manufacturers can offer financing to their customers thanks to John and Cathi.

      In standard SU form, the mid engine Sand Pro-2 features a chromoly frame with a 450hp LS1 engine mated to a Mendeola 2D transaxle. Other features are 934 CV's, power steering, bypass and coil over shocks on each corner with 20" of travel in the front and 22" in the rear, adjustable bucket seats, Motec style dash, Grant steering wheel, beverage cooler with cover, body panels, wing trunk, bead lock wheels, and an anti-sway bar to name a few.

Mendeola S4 Transaxle

      John took his car to the next level by adding more horsepower, a larger transmission and a few other luxury items. For a motor he used a 600+ HP LS2 engine matted to a Mendeola S4 sequential transaxle with paddle shifters located on the steering wheel. He tried a new idea by using 2 smaller radiators hidden behind the drivers' seat. They each have a fan and draw air in from custom side scoops built into the side panels. For creature comforts he added an iPOD connection in the center console with speakers in the headrests of the heated seats. One thing we really like was his simple idea to construct his light bar to swing down and lock into place with quick release pins to allow clearance in your toyhauler.

      This monster motored mid-engine car handles like a slot car in the dunes. John was able to easily carve tight turns at high speeds and effortlessly wheely out of the turns. The FOX suspension soaks up the whoops like they aren't there while the anti-sway bar keeps the car stable during a power slide.  

      Suspensions Unlimited has a support rig/demo hauler which can be found at the dunes on a regular basis. If you see the rig at the dunes make sure to stop by for a demo ride in any one of their cars. They offer a half dozen different models ranging from their Sand Pro Ultra Light with a 5-link rear suspension to a full blown desert race car.  The support rig also offers an on location service shop for all of their customers. If you need parts from a fuel filter to a-arms the SU support rig is there to help. This is just another level of service you receive when you buy into the Suspensions Unlimited family. If you?re in the market for a new sand car or just need your current car serviced give Suspensions Unlimited a close look!


Suspensions Unlimited
Ontario, CA
(909) 230-9797

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