Weekend Warrior Water - Help Save the Dunes

Jun. 23, 2009 By
Weekend Warrior Water PERRIS, Calif. -- Weekend Warrior Water gives back to the places where we play.

Warrior Lifestyles, the company that is continuing to burn the torch for the Weekend Warrior Trailers brand; is planning to launch their "Weekend Warrior Water" line in mid May. Said company founder Larry Broyles; " We wanted to figure out a way to preserve and give back to the places where we play. The Warrior Water project seemed like a natural choice for us
to do just that."

The company plans on giving back a portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold to three specific charities focusing on our local dunes, water ways and forrest areas. Currently, Weekend Warrior Water is working with the American Sand Association, a organization dedicated to keeping our local sand dunes clean and open for use.

Warrior Lifestyles has been building up the brand for about a year now with major marketing and branding, but has only produced gallons thus far. Said Broyles, "The gallons were a huge success in Glamis this past season and we're looking forward to expanding the whole line." The brand plans on introducing liter and half liter bottles debuting in May that
will be a higher quality product on par with water from brands like Fiji or Voss bottled waters.

"Bottled water is obviously nothing new to any of us, but no one can deny that we all do drink a lot of it" said Broyles. "We're just trying to keep some of that money we're already spending on that same water, and pumping it back into the places that matter to us."

Check out www.supportyourlocaldunes.com for information on Weekend Warrior Water.

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