Pure Polaris Unveils New Website to Enhance Online Experience

Nov. 22, 2010 By Press Release
MEDINA, MN (Nov. 22, 2010) – The new Pure Polaris® website makes it quick, easy and efficient for riders to find the premium-quality accessories and branded apparel they want to enhance their riding experience. With more information than ever about Pure Polaris products customers can choose from among several easy, flexible ways to search for everything from windshields to plows and full cab enclosures.

Pure Polaris accessories are Polaris and Victory riders’ best choice because they install easily, provide premium fit and finish, and enhance a vehicle's function. And with the new site riders have access to the most up-to-date lists of vehicles, making it easy to search only for accessories that fit their ride. Accessories can be found according to product type (performance, comfort, cargo, etc.) or by the vehicle model name or model year.

In addition, there are maintenance guides that will help riders care for and better understand their vehicles, and convenient links that provide access to owner’s manuals and safety and service bulletins. There are also convenient links between Pure Polaris pages and the Polaris and Victory vehicle information pages so consumers can research a vehicle and accessories at the same time.

Accessories and apparel for Polaris off-road vehicles and snowmobiles are featured at http://www.purepolaris.com/. Victory products are available at http://www.purevictorygear.com/.

"Our new website gives customers what they’ve asked for: More information that’s easier to find through simple search tools,” said Scott Swenson, vice president/general manager PG&A and Snowmobile Division. “We also significantly enhanced the vehicle fit information to ensure it’s clear to customers which accessories fit their specific vehicles.”

The Pure Polaris website gives riders 24/7 access to detailed product information, and after researching products online, a rider can take a list of part numbers to a dealership for a personalized shopping experience. The new Pure Polaris website features:

• Easy Navigation & Product Searches: Customers can search for Pure Polaris products by product type, by vehicle model name or model year, or by vehicle "Family."

• Easy to Find Vehicle Info: There are convenient links between vehicle information pages and pages featuring Pure Polaris accessories for those vehicles.

• Easy Vehicle Customization: The Polaris and Victory "Customizer" tool lets customers customize virtual 2010 and 2011 models online. The “Customizer” shows how selected accessories look installed on vehicles, and a list of the accessories can be printed and brought to a dealership.

• Parts & Maintenance: Riders will find Frequently Asked Questions about maintenance procedures, quick reference guides, and videos. There are also links to online parts catalogs, vehicle safety and service bulletins, and the Pure Polaris Oil website.

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