ProArmor PowerGRIP Foot Pegs for Can-Am 450

Nov. 13, 2008 By Press Release

If you don’t have the Pro Armor PowerGRIP™ pegs, what you have is obsolete.  The ultra massive PowerGRIP™ design is longer, fatter and offers more surface area for both contact and grip.  The PowerGrIP™ peg generates added bite on hard cornering and the heaps of gnarly teeth are guaranteed to keep your boot stuck where you want it. 

The modular PowerGRIP™ system allows for easy maintenance or replacement.  Complete the total package with Pro Armor’s nerf bars and NEW heel guards and you have the best in performance and protection.  The same bullet-proof, strength, quality, durability and fit you’ve come to expect from Pro Armor.  If you don’t have them, you need to get a grip. 

You can purchase a set from your local dealer, by contacting Pro Armor direct at 888.312.7667 or go to to order yours today!

 PowerGRIP™ Foot Pegs for the Can-Am 450 retail for only $129.95 and are available for most quads.

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