Kawasaki Unveils 2016 Updated Teryx and Teryx4

Jun. 03, 2015 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of Kawasaki

Kawasaki announced sweeping updates to its side-by-side models for 2016, and the sport-minded crowd will be excited to know there are plenty of changes for Teryx and Teryx4 models.
The two-seater Teryx enters its ninth year in Kawasaki’s lineup, and for 2016 both it and its four-seater sibling get a facelift with redesigned front fascia designed to give the side-by-side a more aggressive look, highlighted by its sharper, higher hood line. The front bumpers also feature more aggressive styling with more of curvature than the previous model to complement the redesigned hood.

Additional headlights were also added to the 2016, as both the LE and Camo Teryx and Teryx4 models feature a total of four high-intensity LEDs.  The Base Teryx and Teryx4 EPS models also receive two additional lights, but the key difference is that these models features standard halogen lights. The Teryx and Teryx4 LE models will also be fitted with new 14-inch cast aluminum wheels for 2016.

Inside the side-by-sides, all Teryx and Teryx4 models receive a new a tilt steering column. Not only does the steering wheel adjust for driver preference, but it can also be moved far enough out of the way for easier entry or exit into the vehicle. Kawasaki also decided to produce a thicker steering wheel for the 2016 models, as this new wheel is designed for improved comfort for the driver.

Along the lines of driver comfort, Kawasaki also added the ability to adjust the driver’s seat without tools. This means that when a different drivers gets behind the wheel they won’t have to reach into the toolbox first to adjust the seat.

A newly restyled dashboard layout is featured in the 2016 models, and it incorporates four accessory switches to operate a number of Kawasaki Genuine Accessories or aftermarket upgrades (winches, lights, etc.). The new dashboard can also accommodate an audio system as well. More storage is also featured throughout the new dash as well, so you won’t have to hunt around for a safe place to stash your gear while on the trail.

Although most of the changes are cosmetic, Kawasaki did offers some adjustment to the handling of the Teryx and Teryx4. Kawasaki didn’t provide a great amount of detail at this point, but it did say that the shock settings on the Fox Podium 2.0 shocks have been optimized. Surely we’ll hear more about these details at its product launch later this year.

Pricing was also released on the new models, as Kawasaki puts the strating price for the base 2016 Teryx EPS at $12,999, the Teryx Camo at $14,299, and the Teryx LE at $14,999. The 2016 four-seater Teryx4 EPS has an MSRP of $15,799, while the Camo model is priced at $16,299, and it will be $16,999 for the Teryx4 LE.

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