John Deere Unveils New 2016 Gator RSX860i

Jul. 02, 2015 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of John Deere

John Deere recently unveiled its new 2016 Gator RSX860i, which is an updated version of the outgoing RSX850i. Aside from an increase in performance, the 2016 model will include a new power steering option, backlit toggle switches, as well as a longer warranty.

Arguably the biggest update on the new RSX860i is its 10 percent increase in top speed. The new RSX860i will now feature a top speed of 60 mph, which is a result of an increase of 500 rpm in maximum engine speed, a bump from 7250 rpm to 7750 rpm.

“Every adjustment and addition made to the RSX860i comes as result of our team actively listening to customer feedback,” said Mark Davey, John Deere marketing manager, Gator utility vehicles. “Top speed was one of the priorities we considered with these updates and we were able to increase the maximum speed to 60 mph (97 kph).”

John Deere notes the RSX860i features a front differential with a spiral bevel design. The company notes that the helical design of the gear set is stronger and designed to produce less vibration and noise compared to the straight-cut gears found on other vehicles. To aid in preventing rust and corrosion, John Deere also notes it paints the steering knuckles and control arms post-machining.

John Deere also made Electric Power Assist Steering (EPAS) a new option on the 2016 model. The optional power steering will help improve handling and steering for the driver in challenging terrain, and the system also senses speed to adjust steering effort accordingly. Vehicles fitted with EPAS will also be pre-wired for a winch (harness, negative battery cable, disconnect wiring harness) for easier installation should the owner install one down the road. To make the controls easier for the driver to see in low-light conditions, the John Deere factory-installed toggle switches are now backlit.

The 2016 RSX860i comes with a 12-month, or 1,000-hour, factory warranty, which the company says is nearly double the warranty of some of its competitors. For 2016, the RSX860i can also be ordered in traditional John Deere green and yellow or Realtree Hardwoods HD Camouflage. The 2016 model is now available for order with pricing starting at $12,999, and it will arrive at John Deere dealers later this month. Newsletter
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