Mar. 31, 2009 By Press Release
ITP Sand Star Tire
Sand Star

ITP is providing side-by-side UTV sand dune enthusiasts a new level of control, traction and comfort with the addition of several new 26-inch sizes to the Sand Star and Dune Star tire lines for 2009.

Already one of the most popular duning tires ever, the ITP Sand Star now comes in 26x9-12 front and 26x11-12 rear sizes specifically designed for UTV applications. As with the entire, wide range of Sand Star sizing, these new 26-inch options utilize an extremely lightweight yet durable carcass and a special rubber compound that deliver an ideal balance of flotation, flexibility and cornering capability. The front Sand Star features a patent-pending dual-rib design for unmatched steering response, while the rear uses a unique combination of paddle sizing, spacing and shape to deliver an exceptional blend of acceleration and handling.





ITP Dune Star Tire
Dune Star

New to the Dune Star lineup is the 26x9-12 front size, which perfectly complements the proven 26x10-12 rear. Nothing hooks up harder than the rear Dune Star, which features highly aggressive, reinforced, dual-depth paddles for unmatched straight-line acceleration. The new front Dune Star provides light, accurate steering, and like the rear model, uses a super-flexible carcass for a superb ride.

Since 1982, ITP has grown into the world's #1 ATV aftermarket tire and wheel source, and continues to provide a complete line of innovative tires and wheel for virtually all ATVs and UTVs. To order, contact your favorite distributor. For a copy of ITP’s full-color product catalog, call toll-free: 1-800-859-4740.

For other inquiries or technical advice, contact ITP at 930-A S. Rockefeller Ave., Ontario, CA 91761; (909) 390-1905. Or visit ITP’s website at Newsletter
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