DMC Exhaust for Can-Am Outlander 800

Oct. 21, 2008 By Press Release
The already stealthy Outlander just got a punch of additional power and torque with the new DMC Afterburner Quiet Slip On. The increase in torque, smooth usable powerband, and improved acceleration time greatly enhances the Outlander’s performance with a 12% increase in horsepower along with a 16% torque increase. This Quiet Slip On meets the Forestry legal sound level of less than 96 db’s*, so you can have all the power on demand you want while keeping Ricky Ranger off your back. The DMC Outlander Slip On comes equipped U.S. Forestry approved spark arrestor and the exclusive DMC S.O.S. (Save our Sport) Quiet Insert, which not only reduces sound, but also provides the Outlander with an increase in smooth, tractable power.

For even more performance improvement, DMC offers an EFI Control module that is mapped to compliment the performance increase of the exhaust system and deliver every ounce of torque and horsepower in a smooth and responsive power curve. It's fully adjustable with three simple buttons on the faceplate to adjust the fuel curve richer or leaner in each area of the map. Advanced engineering eliminates the need for complicated computer programs or interfaces. Everything is controlled directly on the EFI Control Module. Our testing has proven this combination of exhaust and an EFI Control Module to be a lethal combination resulting in maximum output in horsepower and torque

Outlander 800 Afterburner Quiet Slip On

  • U.S. Forestry approved Spark Arrestor included.
  • Quiet Systems <96dB 100% TIG welded.
  • “S.O.S.” Quiet core baffle.
  • MIL-A-8625F Type III anodizing.
  • Precision Laser Cut Stainless Steel Exhaust Flanges.
  • Billet Aircraft Alloy muffler brackets, no cheap steel muffler bands
  • Super long life replaceable muffler cartridge.
  • Easy access muffler repack system, no rivets to drill.
  • AMA/FIM legal end cap
  • Designed and manufactured in U.S.
  • 12% horsepower and 16% horsepower gain

DMC Afterburner Exhaust systems are available at finer power sports dealers, or direct at:


Quiet Slip On / Retail $299.95 / Part # 25823-01

DMC EFI Control / Retail $284.95 / Part # 25990-50

* Sound results achieved using SAE J-1287 on an unmodified, stock engine w/ DMC Exhaust. Newsletter
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