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Oct. 01, 2004 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Got Dirt?

October 2004 - The hint of fall is in the air as the summer temperatures subside across most of the nation. And we are happy to tell the tales of the Desert Tank and its successful multi-thousand mile run across the nation. Many of our readers saw us at truck stops across American and received t-shirts, decals and more than they could ever bargain for. More importantly, dang we answered a lot of questions on the roads of America. Even more were the amount of in vehicle tours requested in the strangest places. Davis Island, Louisana., Green Bay, Wisconsin., St. Louis, Missouri., Durango, Colorado., are only a few of where we burned daylight and answered the questions of American off-roaders. Look us up and track us down, we are back on the road for October and November trouncing across the West in search of the wackiest off-road stuff in the land.

ORC broadcasting live from anywhere in North America!

Ford Wilson asked: I am now back in Mammoth Lakes for a few days and will calm down for a bit. I am glad that you know where Bridge Lake, BC is and I am even more excited that your satellite works to Cabo. I just want to verify a couple of things. Does satellite 117w( which happens to be Sat Mex 5) work all the way to my place in BC? Also, are you using the standard dish, a .74 meter one? If Sat Mex 5 ( 117W) works in BC, I will change satellites and should be good to go in either location. What do you use to find the satellite when you move to a new area? Do you have to program in any lat/long coordinates? This help you are giving me is definetly going to get you deep into my gratitude. I will be flying a Cessna 185 to Baja this winter and staying most of it just north of Cabo Pulmo. I use to fly a T-210 until it was stolen this past March at El Rincon. I am anxious to get all of this D-way stuff sorted out. I have a chance to get a friend of mine to drive down a second dish and LNB to Baja for me. This will allow me to haul more "important stuff" like Jack Daniels in the plane. Thank you big time for the info. Later, Ford Wilson

Desertbull says: Well Ford, the MotoSat .74 meter dish has served us well in the ability to broadcast live off-road events to our readers in fine fashion. With a click of the button we can merely upload content, photos and scoring information to our faithful readers in record time. The 117W satellite does work in British Columbia as its been tested time and time again throughout North America including all points on the Baja Peninsula. The MotoSat runs its own GPS software for positioning and upon arrival to your specific location, you merely push the search button and within minutes you have high-speed Internet hookup anywhere in North America. Hummmmm, Jack Daniels? Who is he? LOL....

Rob Mitchell said: I have a single wheel 04 3500 trying to find out if 35x12.50x17 will fit on my truck without lift on offset wheels? Thanks Rob Mitchell

Desertbull says: If you run a Walker Evans wheel with 5.50" off-set, the OEM Dodge is 6.0" inches, your wheels and tires will fit without problem. Visit for additional information on his Dodge Ram 17" wheels.

R. Stofko asked: I recently bought a dodge diesel and had the factory exhaust tail pipe and muffler rust out. I plan on putting a dual system on the truck and was wondering if you have any opionions on what is the best on the market?
I also have been told my a local muffler man who does custom pipe work, that a lot of the people doing diesel exhaust are going straight from the catalytic converter and eliminating the mufflers. Does this damage the vehicle or does it give you more power? Any help or a direction you can send me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. R. Stofko

Desertbull says: Well, besides being an illegal modification as outlined by Dodge, rumor has it that certain states, i.e. California, are cracking down on this. So...with that said we have heard from certain reliable sources that there is no damage to the vehicle when you open up the exhaust system and perhaps the truck breathes a bit better...but it's up to each individual vehicle owner to determine the best modifications for his or her truck.

Power....well, that's the age old question...what, if any modification will provide more power, because we always WANT more power!

Carl asked : hi there- i have a 96 dodge 2500 with a v-10, i had dual exhaust put on it with what looks like dull colored 20inch

glass packs with 2and quarter inch pipe that goes out the back. my question is why does my v-10 sound like a

briggs-straton or along that line? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Desertbull says: Hmmmmm, any vehicle that sounds like a Briggs&Stratton needs to be taken out to the bone yard for destruction! Buy diesel and run fast! Sorry, but Briggs&Stratton sounding engines are not our specialty.

Desert Tank rolling close to the cliff somewhere in Baja!

Casey Lofthouse asked: Hey, Awesome story about the winch rope and the Baja on the old dodge. I was just curious what kind of communications you have with you and if any of you have your Amatuer Radio license? Let me know I think a inside shot of the communications and the technology would be kinda cool. Have fun KCL

Desertbull says: ICOM, Kenwood, Lowrance are a few of the kinds of communications we run with. OZI Explorer mapping/navigating software on laptops and yes, many of us are technician licensed, have our general license and some of our crew are well-known ham radio personalities and have participated in the fire emergencies last year.

The little Baja Bull versus America's Desert Bull!

Rich White asked : I recently put bigger tires (315 x 75 x R16) on my 2000 Dodge 1500. Immediately the brake light and the ABS indicator light remain on. I had the brake system checked and everything is fine, except that the indicator lights remain on. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Rich White, Severna Park, Md.

Desertbull says: Hmmmmm, that is something that your Dealer has to help you with...or perhaps Glen at EGR Brakes...Got Brakes?

Wes sent in a couple photos of his Dodge Ram : This is my 2000 2wd dodge ram has a 3.9 v6 with a custom made ram air system and its got dual exhaust with chrome tips on back...its has rancho 5000s for suspension sits on 265/75/r16 apache all terrain tires...ive added a off road innovations light bar with hella 6" rounds lights and pilot square fog lights for better lighting....ive added a line x on the bed and tool tool box has pilot 6" round spotlights for getting out of the woods in reverse or for tailgaters if they get too also has a pair of bike racks and custom front wheel holders...then ive also made a custom dual kayak rack to complete my setup to hold all of my toys...inside my dodge i have a pioneer 8400mp3 head unit supplying power to stock 6x9s and pioneer 5x7s mounted in to ammo cans for extra sound...ive also made a custom storage/subwoofer box that holds one rockford ten inch sub that gets power from a 300 watt VR wrap things up i took the middle seat out and made my own that is also storage for all of my cds and other goodies...i also mounted my cb to the new seat....i get extra range on the cb with two 3' antennas and a PA speaker for days that i dont feel like rolling down the window to yell at people....

Desertbull says: Sweeeeeeeeeet Truck!

Wes' mud flinging Dodge Ram hits the ORC pages!


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