Desertbull's Dodge RAM Truck Questions and Answers

Aug. 01, 2003 By Tim ""Desertbull""

AUGUST 2003 - The month of July was a busy month for staffers here at ORC. We covered 6943 miles traveling across the West. And we were greeted by more than one of you readers at a variety of truck stops, restaurants, off-road events and even moving down the highway. Thanks to all those who stopped to say hello. The questions continue to pour into ORC Headquarters at Mach 7 and this month we review a myriad of thoughts.

Los Angeles - St. Louis: It wasn't but a few thousand miles of American highway, but nonetheless, it was a long way. We sped to St. Louis and back to purchase this new Millenium 40' Race Hauler for working at off-road events across the nation. With the MotoSat DataStorm Satellite mounted, the new race hauler affords us much room. Visit Millenium Trailers at
JonesMotorsports: World reknown SCORE-International & Best in the Desert desert racer, Jesse Jones hosted the Desertbull on a wild ride in his 750 + horsepower trophy truck during a recent testing session in the Nevada desert. Jones Motorsports rocks at 124.3 miles per hour. Jesse Jones rocks the Dez World!!!

[email protected] asked: Hi, I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport which is a V6 and I was wondering, if I put duel exhaust on my truck, would it make any difference and could you even hear it?

Desertbull says: The advantages of a dual exhaust is that this system allows the engine to exhaust more freely thereby lowering the back pressure forced into the exhaust system during performance. You will be able to notice a slight difference in the exhaust tone, but not to a degree that is annoying. Visit to listen to the different exhaust systems they manufacture.

Sherri Anderson said: My son has a 2000 Dodge Ram 2WD--he wants to put a lift on it -- he prefers to run 35inch tires---what is the kind of lift you would recommend -- for performance and SAFETY ---what does the roll over factor do when you put a lift on -- granted my son is a good driver -- but there are other people on the road

thanks--his mom

Desertbull says: Nice email from a concerned Mom! Well, Mom head directly to Skyjacker Suspensions and talk with their sales staff and they will provide you one of the best in the business. Visit them at And then take him down to the local BFGoodrich Tire store and buy him a set of the latest BFGoodrich KM Mud Terrains. Visit Be safe and go with the best.

Clarke Taylor : Help, I just bought a 1977 W-200 and I need a good used parts source. I'm looking for a good grill, threshold plates and dash panel inserts on either side of the instrument panel. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
Clarke Taylor E-mail: [email protected]

Desertbull says: I'm in awe of the small group of military restoration buffs that are out there. You people do amazing things with the condition of the vehicles you receive. My hats off to you. And of course Dodge's historic run of military vehicles is just superb. Over the years we've seen and been asked hundreds of questions about the military Dodges and it seems that one of the best sources for Internet surfers is Check them out, I'm sure you'll be directed to the right location.


SSGT Matthew Nicholson: Hi, My name is SSgt Matthew Nicholson. I'm with the 27th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Cannon AFB NM. In about two weeks I will be traveling to Pennsylvania and then onto Anchorage alaska via the alaskan highway. I'm writing you this letter out of fear! lol
I read right away "8,212-miles, 33-days, 1052-gallons of gasoline" That scares me a little bit. I plan on doing the trip from PA to AK in about 15 days and thats lollygagging! I don't plan on driving more than about 700 miles a day. I'd like to know more about your trip and just how the roads in Canada are! Thanks. Matthew R Nicholson


Desertbull says: Most Americans don't realize how far Alaska really is from anywhere in the United States except those who have traveled it and/or live there. reader and close friend of ORC staffers packed up his Dodge Ram last year and went bear hunting with his Dad. It was an epic trip. However, it's a long way from anyway. Driving from New Mexico to Pennsylvania and then to Anchorage, Alaska is even FARTHER. Read more about Darren Ballein's trip at

Pete Gotseff asks: Hello, Wanted to thank you for the informative adventure Ram "Desert Tank" website. I wanted to ask if you'll have another entry on your review of the Bilstein 5100 shocks? Anytime soon? Why I ask is I drive some serious washboard, unmaintained roads to my job and have tried many shocks on my '97 Ram 1500 4x4 (Bilstein HD, Edelbrock Twin Tube, Rancho RSX, Gabriel VST, OEM "off road") but the whole truck continues rattling apart, more so every year. Anyone who drives Mexico, drives harsh roads and anyone who drives a Dodge knows a harshly sprung
truck ... So, how'd you compare the Bilstein HD "Yellows" to the 5100? Eagerly awaiting the next Desert Tank entry.

-pete g.


Desertbull says: Peter, we are constantly working with Bilstein's Off-Road Motorsports Group located in Poway, California. After receiving your question we spoke with Bilstein and we'd like to put a new set of shocks on the Desert Tank and have Bilstein tear apart the old ones for a complete review of how they have held up. We suspect that based on our current ride, both in the dirt and on the asphalt that they have handled everything we put them through. Stay tuned for an updated review on the Bilstein 5100's soon. Also visit Bilstein at for additional information.

Horace Smith asked: What does it take to get a stock truck ready to race? What do i need to compete in a race? I have an 1984 nissan 720 3/4ton (first year of hardbody) 4x4 with a redone exhaust and centerforce clutch. I am curious about racing
the truck but have not decided yet. Also i live in Santa Barbara, Ca, is there anything near happening near me?

Desertbull says: Check the SNORE, MDR & MORE websites for more information regarding your truck being fitted with the proper safety gear to race. Many desert racers drive days to race, so living in Santa Barbara is a no-brainer. MDR & MORE hold many of their races in Barstow which can't be very far from SB.

James M. Morrison says: I have a 1984 Dodge 250.
I live in Dutch Harbor Alaska. It would be nice to have a 4wd!
is there an affordable way to convert this? Can I just buy a new or rebuilt front axle and bolt it up? Or is there alot more work into it, and I should just buy a new truck?

Desertbull responds: There is no "cheap" way to convert this. Affordability only depends on how big your pocket book is. But nevertheless, many things have to happen before you "just buy a new front axle and bolt it up." You have to purchase the transfer case, and modifiy the transmission and so on...If you have the money to do this conversion, check around and search out a nice used 4x4 already to roll.

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