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Apr. 01, 2005 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Ask us what, when why and where about Dodge Rams!

Las Vegas, Nevada - Spring has arrived! Well, at least the weather gods proclaim that spring has sprung over the nation, but you could fool us. Weather reports as of this writing claim Salt Lake City, Utah has received 10 inches of snow, Denver is sloshing around in ice, wind and sleet as California and Florida bask in the brilliant weather. Temperatures today in Las Vegas, Nevada were mid-80's and at least in the West the time has come to prepare for the dirt.

In the off-season, we acquired a new Dodge Ram CTD that has been all gussied up to say the least and after a busy show schedule we are about to embark on road trips throughout the nation.

Featuring the latest in bling-bling on the new Dodge Ram CTD 4WD we are ready to step onto your desk and entertain you for a few moments! Hold on tight!

Chris asked: I recently purchased a set of larger torsion bar keys to lift (2") the front end of my '03 Ram 1500 4x4 Off-Road. Since this may over-extend my stock front shocks when I'm 4-wheeling, I have been searching for a pair of Bilsteins that offer a little more travel and better ride quality than the OEM type, which measure 13" compressed and 18" extended. I can't afford to spend $2000 for a really good suspension lift right now, and I can't really do much off-road with the ridiculous low front-end, so I figured re-keying the torsion bars and installing better shocks would be a reasonable solution until I can pick up a full suspension lift kit. I recently found this 5100 series shock with the necessary stud/stem top mount:

Model # Total Travel Compressed Length Extended Length
BE56140HO 6.65" 11.77" 18.42"

Do you think they will fit and work properly?

Desertbull says: Easy Tiger! You can always "make things work," however for proper suspension while raging in the dirt you can hardly just make up your own suspension. Take the word of someone who has tried and learn the hard way. Rely upon one of the well-engineered suspension companies in the Dodge market such as KORE Performance , Skyjacker and FabTech. They have engineers that work out all the angles so when you "are" flying through the air your truck will survive!

Robert Durst asked: Just one question, which I can't seem to get a answer. I have a 2004.5 Dodge Ram 3500 single rear wheel, long box, crew cab, 4x4 diesel. Will a set of ProComp 33x13.50x18 on 18x10 wheel fit my vehicle without any futher modifications? One dealer says yes the other says no the other dealer says "blah, blah, blah, blah." Any way is there any one out there that has the right answer, by the way the dealer that said the 18 inch combo would not work said that a set of Goodyear MTR 305/70/17 on 17x10 rims would work, to me that does not make a whole lot of sense. Being that the MTR is a 34.5 inch by 12.5 wide tire. Dazed and confused, does someone have a idea what will work. I already run the MTR's on a set of OEM alunimun 17x8 rims with no problems, but have had a difficult time finding 17 inch rims that will clear the front calipers. Thanks for you time it is greatly appreicated.

Desertbull says: The age old problem continues to surface once again. Will it work? Probably...Can you roar in the dirt and clear the fender wheels and also turn into the donut shop to get your favorite chocolate covered twist? Probably not. It's all about offset. Dodge has an OEM off-set of 6.0 and not very many wheel companies, except for KORE Performance, provide that exact off-set. You can run 18" tires and wheels using the KORE Performance wheel, but bring your big fat check book because these babies go for about $500 each! Walker Evans Racing sells a great looking and fitting Dodge Ram 4x4 wheel for about $300 each, however only available at this time in a 17" inch wheel. Decisions ... Decisions!

Linda asked : I am looking for a set of front tow hooks for my 2001 Dodge Dakota 4x4, can you help me?

Desertbull says: Visit my friends at and check the classifieds. Someone always has a set of tow hooks for sale. The Dakota tow hooks might be a bit harder to find, but someone has then laying around their garage!

Steve asked: I have a 1993 Dodge W250 3/4 ton Cummins TD with a 6" factory lift and want to purchase a set of Bilsteins for it. Do you have such a set of suspension? Everywhere I look, they post 1994 and later but no 1993. I believe that the 5100 series would be suitable if they make one for my model and year.

Ive got heavy duty antisway bars and Bilsteins on both my '85 & '87 740 Volvo's and love the stability and ride on the rough roads that we have up here. I'm tired of riding on my springs in my Dodge and don't want to put anything else but Bilsteins on them.

Can you help?

Desertbull says: Order up the newer style Bilstein 5150 shock! We tested them for a period of time and really like the handling and ride. They retail for about $90 per shock and you won't be disappointed with the quality.

Jeff Phillips asked: Hi Guys......the rap on the FridgeFreeze sounds good!!!! Are your fridges available in Australia???? (yes the land down under;-)) Also how much is the 60litre model??? or is that 14gallon model??? What warranty do you give??? Can they handle rough roads day in day out???

Thanks for that......regards Jeff Phillips

Desertbull says: Ahhhhhhhhhh...more questions about the invincible FridgeFreeze. Let's just say they just keep on ticking! We use two FridgeFreezes in two sizes and they both work like a charm! We've abused the &^%$^ out of them and they continue to work well! Visit them at

Dana Knutson asked: I have been having a hard time finding tires for my 2004 3500 dually diesel 6 speed with 4:10s. I am looking at instaling a tuff countery 4.5" suspension lift soon but with the stock 235/80/17s things would look a bit out of perportion. I would like to keep the stock wheels and add new rubber to them. Can you tell me what size of tire and where to get them plus what would be best for my truck with this setup. I do only about 20% of my driving off road but most of the on road driving I do is dirt and snow.

Dana Knutson
Yellowknife NWT

Desertbull says: BFGoodrich provides a large fitment of tires that you can use for your application. The BFGoodrich All-Terrain would be a great tire to put on. They have a variety of sizes available. Check them out at

Bruce Wilkin says: I am looking for ladder bars for my 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4. I am installing a Pro Comp 5" suspension. Are independent front suspension systems difficult to lift and do they function properly? I hear Pro Comp are the only ones that specialize and pay particular attention to independent front suspension systems. Do I need to change my front drive shaft if I use Pro Comp 5" lift?

Thank You,
Bruce K. Wilkin

Desertbull says: No, Yes, Yes and that order. Lifting any truck requires additional attention to proper fitment, alignment and more to steering components, drivetrain components and brake accessories. Be Careful. Visit a professional who can look at your vehicle and meaure the angles associated with your question.

Randy commented:

First: Love your articles.

Second: I'm soon to be in the market for a new 4x4 that will be a daily driver, chase vehicle for motorcycle trips throughout Mexico, and occasionally tow vehicle.

The Power Wagon looks incredible, but I think I'd rather have the Cummins. So, my question is, What are all the differences between the 2500 4x4 and 3500 4x4 w/ single rear wheels? Bigger rear end??? Heavier frame???

Thanks and looking forward to more Desert Limo articles,


Desertbull says: Hmmmm, sounds like I need to know you based on what you want to do and what I already do! Boy, the Power Wagon looks like its going to be one hell of a truck, no doubt! Rumors are it WILL be available with the Cummins Turbo Diesel in 2007 and I guarantee the price tag will be over $50K for that truck...With that said, Damn that's a lot of WAM.

Now to answer you question. According to two reliable sources with Chrysler they claim the only difference is the rear spring pack...PERIOD! The frame is the same, the rear end is the same etc...If I was going to select that particular truck for what you say you want to use it for I'd go with these options.

A. Towing capacity with bumper hitch and bed full of gear/MC's etc...get the heavier 3500 spring package.

B. Off-Road travel without trailer, but with gear/MC's etc...get the lighter 2500 spring package.

C. Or get the 2500 truck and purchase a KORE Performance Mini-Pack that will do everything above as I have personally proved that with my 99 Dodge 2500 towing the 40' enclosed race hauler with the Mini-Pack and then rage off-road as if I was racing the Baja 1000.

Happy Trails and hope to see you in Baja.

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