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Dec. 01, 2004 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Dodge Ram Jingle Bells for Christmas

DIRT City, USA - Christmas is here once again. It seems like it was only a couple months ago and we were dealing with the off-road aftermarket blitz of shopping opportunities. And here on the Dodge storm front we continue to be beseiged with the latest questions about the Dodge Ram truck.

The ORC crew has just arrived back stateside from the Baja 1000 race. It was a wild adventure as we pre-ran the race course from the start-to-finish pushing the Dodge Ram Diesel to the extreme test on some of the harshest off-road terrain in the world.

The good news is we survived and even came home with the Desert Tank.

The Desert Tank pre-running the Baja 1000 race course.

Robert BoBoe commented: I have two Dodge Rams that I would like you to put in your website for people to have some kind of idea of what they can build 100% themselves. The taller one is a 97 with a 3" body, 5" suspension, and 36x14.5 Super Swamper TSL radials. The shorter (soon to become taller) has a 3" body lift with 33" BF Goodrich MT's. I am going to be adding a 7" suspension lift with 39" Mickey Thompson baja tread tires. ( I CANT WAIT!). I'll be looking out for them in your web site. Thanks a lot for such a good all around web site. keep up the excellent work guys.

Desertbull says: Thanks for reading Robert...and those Dodge Ram trucks are very sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

Mark asked : Where can I find an off-road front bumper for my 2004 Dakota Quad Cab. Thank you. Mark

Desertbull says: Check out 4WheelParts and Smittybuilt for the latest in off-road bumpers for Dodge Dakotas.

KORE's Dodge Ram Race truck...ready for Dakar 2005?

Martyn Spurell asked: Hi guys/galls, We are modifying a 2003 dodge ram quad 5.7 to run in the London-Dakar, we need to locate the following items and get any information we can to help with the project. Parts we need; Air pump for tyres Winch/sand anchor/tow straps Alloy sand planks Shocks (std fitting) Tyres- sand rocks etc. its on 20” wheels at present Anything else that may break any thoughts you may have on preparation and weaknesses. Many thanks

Desertbull says: Well, you are about the tenth inquiry we've had from the Dakar Rally. Some looking for media support and others wanting to rent out The Desert Tank for its off-road & media broadcasting ability. Currently, talks are underway with well-known team, however the deadline is approaching quickly. And if anyone can help Martyn with his requests you can email him at [email protected]

In the meantime we suggest you check out KORE Performance and Skyjacker Suspension as well as arm yourself with the latest in off-road advanced technology tires with Toyo's new Open Country Mud Terrain in a 37 x 13.50 x 17 size.

Victor Gouveia sent this in: This is my 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 with a 488ci V10. It had a 4inch suspension lift that I believe came from the factory, also a 3 inch body lift. The engine remains stock with the exception of k&n intake, the cats have been removed,70 series big block flowmaster with single three inch, helix throttle body spacer, stainless headers, and msd super conductor wires. It also sits on a set of 35x12.50 Mud Kings. Next is a Dick Cepek 6" long arm lift with full throttle 10" lift coils and some other custom parts to make plenty of room for 39.5x16 Super Swamper STS. I'm proud to say this truck has 154,000 miles on it and it takes a beating everyday and gives me no problems. This is the best truck I've ever owned!!!

Victor Gouveia
Grand Haven, MI

Desertbull says: Hey Victor...Got Snow yet? Don't let that stop you from ripping up the dirt under those tires! Thanks for the detailed info on one badass truck!

Patrick Vasil asked: Hi i was wondering if you can give me a write up on on to remove the rear seats?

Desertbull says: Ahhhhh...the removal of the rear seat is so easy it's scary. A couple bottom mounting bolts and then merely raise the seat from the back mounting flanges with a solid upward movement and you're done!

Capt Justin Hohn says: Hi Tim! Having gotten more rides in KORE trucks, I’m counting the days until the WAM says GO FOR IT! Anyway, I’ve seen you take the Desert Tank through various changes, and I was curious as to why?I mean, I read about the awesome Reunel bumper, then I see that you’re running the Off-road tech bumper? I read about the Lightforce lights, then I see Hellas on the Desert Tank? My guess is that the Reunel was too heavy, and that when you ditched it for the ORT bumper, there wasn’t enough room for the huge Lightforce lights, so you had to go with the also-great Hella HIDs. Am I close?If not, and the changes involved $$ or sponsortships, then that’s none of my business. I would like to learn from other’s experience, if I can. Thanks.


Flight Commander, Vehicle Operations Flight

90th LRS

F.E.Warren AFB, WY

Desertbull says: Excellent question Captain! You pretty much have the answers for the most part. After several years of running harsh roads with the Reunel bumper we began to see some wear on the mounting point of the frame. We winched a few stuck hombres' from the grips of the desert and beach and noticed slight movement in the bumper. In stepped Off-Road Tech and their lightweight incredibly strong tube frame bumper. The boys at Off-Road Tech have quite an incredible product in their bumpers and we have used them to the extreme over the past year and can tell you that no one makes a superior true off-road bumper than Off-Road Tech. With over 75,000 miles on the Desert Tank since installation I can verify that we have used our Off-Road Tech bumper too many times to count and it continues to hold up. Visit them at

In the light department we tested out the Lightforce for them and they worked well for certain applications. However, we later purchased the very expensive Hella HID's and they just plain light up the entire night!

And finally, we wish we could tell you that the build up of the Desert Tank was all sponsorships, but that's far from the truth. Sure we've got some discounts here and there, but most of those parts we've worked hard and long for WAM to put it all together. The Desert Tank has been sponsored by KORE Performance, ATS Diesel, Off-Road Tech Inc. and most currently Toyo Tires. Stay tuned for the latest on Toyo versus BFGoodrich in upcoming articles.

More importantly, thanks so much for your input and questions. We greatly appreciate your time and even more we appreciate your service to the United States of America.


Desertbull says: Indeed the ring and pinion ratio will change. By moving up in tire size your ring and pinion ratio will increase. Simply put, if you are towing with say a 4.10 gear ratio then an increase to a bigger tire size will effect your towing. However, if you do not tow, you'll most likely notice an decrease in RPM's at a dedicated speed. Many different companies on the Internet provide ratio calculators in order for you to calculate what is best for you.

Knepper Time asked: I just purchased a 2005 dodge 2500 cummins quad cab with a 2 inch leveling kit. I am running 35x12.5x17 with stock 17x8 wheels on it now and they are rubbing very slightly on the lower suspension control arm. If I put Goodyear mt/r 305x70x17 do you think that will correct the rub.

Desertbull says: Hmmmmm, always tough to say until you actually put the tire on the wheel and test it out. Most tire companies will mount the tire onto the front wheel and allow you to decide if the clearance is enough. So many tires and wheel combinations we haven't checked them all.

Bob Beckham asked: Is there anywhere to purchase an add on set of front tow hooks for a 2004 dodge 2500 HO diesel? Local dealership is not much help here.

Desertbull says: has tow hooks for sale and you might check around on the Turbo Diesel Register at

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