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Aug. 01, 2004 By Tim ""Desertbull""
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August 2004 - Summer time travels are in full-swing as we try to answer all your questions. We too are on the road and have big plans for a nearly 10,000 mile summer time trip. During most of August and September, we will be on the road in search of the the latest in rip roaring excitement in the off-road world.

Sunsets rule summer travel.

Ray Criswell asked: Hey guys, I saw your article on the trip to Alaska and was wondering who produced the cab high camper shell. I’m looking for a small camper that I can use for over night hunting/fishing trips and cant seem to find one with a “regular” type door that I can use. I don’t need or want a huge cab over camper just something to keep the rain off and be able to stretch out. I have a ’98 dodge ram 1500. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Desertbull says: Callen Camper is the place. Located in El Cajon, California they build a sturdy and comfortable camper shell. Options allow you to open up both back doors for motorcycle or ATV storage and/or you can build your own conversion to meet your needs for traveling, hunting, fishing or camping.

James Ray said: Please advise, how to make a dodge 2500ram w/v10 perform. It's a 2000, not much power.

Desertbull says: Maybe trade up for a Cummins Turbo Diesel! Well, the V-10 does perform well. Having come across my fair share of them with the right modifications they perform excellent. They need lotsa of air and a Bully Dog chip. Visit them at

Peggy Wingate asked: I have a 2003 Dodge Ram, quad cab, 4WD, 5.7L Hemi. I am interested in squeezing out the maximum horsepower possible. Adding dual exhaust, air intake, and possibly a superchip are things I’ve considered. However, after looking at several internet sites I seem to find conflicting reports on whether or not these will work. Have even heard that air intake and dual exhaust degrades performance. Have also heard that the superchip might not give any noticeable increase in horsepower. Do you have any suggestions? Don’t know who to trust. Websites such as K&N, Flowmaster and Superchips obviously claim horsepower increases. On the other hand, we read on forums that it wasn’t wise to replace these items because they may actually reduce performance. Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

Desertbull says: These are all viable options. Take into consideration that anytime you modify your truck with aftermarket performance parts, you may be voiding your Chrysler warranty. With that in mind, I believe you are on the right road to increasing your vehicle's performance wisely. Dual exhaust allows your beast to breathe better and more efficiently. Air intake is a definite plus. A performance chip absolutely makes sense, however that will void any vehicle warranty.

Manufacturers will always make assertations in the positive about their products. Our experience has related that the people who use and abuse these products know best. Read your Dodge Bulletin Boards and keep up on the latest in high-performance technology.

Enjoy your performance mods!

Bradley Key asked : I have a 2001 3/4 Dodge Deisel truck. Recently I installed some 285/75/R16 over the stock 265/75/R16's. Since then it seems like my engine rev's and the transmission will finally shift. Do I need to have the on board ECM programmed for the bigger tires? Or do I possibly have bigger problems?

Desertbull says: Generally, with that slight of a tire change it's difficult to notice those changes in the transmission shift points and engine revs. However, when moving to a much bigger tire as a 315 or so, you'll notice it right away. Anyway, many different manufacturers have engineered a computer controlled box to adjust the shift points to the proper position with reference to speed and transmission. Visit your local truck shop and explain your situation and they'll fix you right up.

Direct from the Baja to ORC

Mr. Salcedo asked: I just bought a new 2500 dodge Quad Cab w/ the Cummins Turbo Diesel. I'm now very curious about the transmission. Is this a good transmission that will serve me for years to come . Or is there a limited lifetime that I should be aware of ..Should I worry?

Sincerely ,

Mr. Salcedo.

Desertbull says: It's about about what you use the truck for. How you drive it. If you maintain it on a regular basis and how hard you abuse it. For example, if you are regularly towing 20,000 lbs of heavy triple axle trailer, you may need some serious upgrades, of course, that's assuming you've purchased the truck with the automatic transmission. For all your transmission upgrades, visit

Always rescuing Fords or Chevys in Baja !!!

Sgt. Clint Reynolds asked: WHAT IS THE LARGEST TIRE SIZE I can fit on a stock '04 Ram 3500 (single-rear) quad cab 4x4 w/ stock wheels or aftermarket wheels w/ different backspacing?

Desertbull says: Everyone we talk to is able to get a 35X12.50x17 tire on these trucks. Check with Kevin at Walker Evans Wheels for the latest in Dodge Ram 4x4 wheels. Robby Gordon Off-Road also manufactures a wheel for the Dodge that is highly talked about.

Matt & Brook sent in a photo of their bad-ass Dodge Ram : Heres a pic of my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.2 liter 2wd, it breathes through a Volant Air Intake, It has a 3in Fabtech lift in the front to run the 305/70/16 Durango A/T's, It has a brush gaurd holding 2 Hella 550's,in the bed is a Hi-Lift jack, shovel, 1 5gal gas can. I bought it stock in 2002 with only 26,000 miles on it and it currently has only 45,000. There will be many more upgrades in the future including a better lift, a con-ferr roof rack above the bed, a winch, more lights and more engine upgrades?

Desertbull says: Sweeeeeeeeeet Truck!

Matt & Brook ORC Reader's ride!!!


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