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May. 01, 2004 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Face your Fears ~ Live Life

May 2004 - With the spring season upon us it's time to rage in the dirt of North America. For all those winter blues that the boyz of the East Coast have been suffering through, us West Coast off-roaders have worked hard all winter to keep your off-roading interest attentive. So now that most of Mother Nature's winter blast are over, let's get out and get dirty.

The monthly questions have been pouring in at record levels and it's difficult to keep up with them all as we are splitting our time between playing in the dirt and sitting behind this computer screen.

The desert racing season is well underway as we head into the dirt covering some of the most radical off road racing in North America. Stay tuned and thanks for all the questions! Our readers rock!!!

Off Road Tech's latest high-tech extreme winch bumper on The Desert

Eric asked: I have a 99 D2500 4X4 with 88,000 miles. When putting on the brakes there is a studder during the full stopping process. You don't feel the pulse or studder in the brake pedal or steering wheel. I have pulled the front wheels and the rotors are not out of round. The rear drums are only .005 to .010 inches out of round? I have put on the parking brake to eliminate the front brakes during the stopping process and it still studders which still points to the rear drums? The brake shoes are not contaminated as best I can tell. HELP do you have any suggestions? I have only owned this for 2 months and the previous owner said the truck just got new brakes within the last year. Dragging shoes?

Desertbull says: I say either dragging shoes or the front rotars are warped. Contact Glenn at EGR Performance Brakes and he'll give you the most honest straight brake truth in the industry. He's the King of Brakes.

Tom said: I'd like to find the average mpg for the new 2004 dodge high out-put cummings pick-ups. I would also like to know what the mpg is for the regular cummings engines


Desertbull says: The 24-valve Cummins Diesel engine has a break in period of approximately 22k - 26k miles. My Cummins all of a sudden broke in at about 23,600 and my mileage began increasing steadily. Mileage really depends on performance upgrades that you do to the engine. Many Dodge Cummins owners wait for the warranty period to pass before any radical upgrades, however we were not one of them. You can reasonably expect to get 16-18 miles per gallon depending on your driving style and performance upgrades.

David Mork sent in this photo of his truck: '98 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Club Cab, 318 Automatic transmission, 5" Skyjacker lift, BFG 35x12.50-15 Mud Terrain tires, 15x8 Eagle wheels, 4:56 gears and lockers are next, plus traction bars, then a new exhaust system and maybe a supercharger.

Desertbull says: Run hard and run big!!!

Jon Bundrant Impersonator asked : Dear Desert B,
Have you ever had your doors blown by a 12v cummins while towing?

Jon B impersonator aka "Julio Toyota"

Julio "Toyota" and Autumn

Desertbull says: Only in your dreams Mr. Monroy!!! I guess the better question is "Have you ever missed a shift and jammed it into reverse at 65 miles-per-hour?"

But seriously, I have had my doors blown by a Cummins 12valve. As the story goes I was headed South on I-15 between Cedar City and St. George, Utah and a Ford F350 blew by me at some real speed. I then raced by him at speeds we cannot discuss here. Then he blew my doors off and put me to shame at ridiculous speed. A week later, a business associate from Salt Lake City called me and inquired about me getting my ass handed to me by a Ford. I told him the story and he laughed. I told him it was the faster PowerStroke I'd ever seen...he laughed again and said the guy I was up against had a Cummins 12V 700 horsepower race motor stuffed in that Ford and I never had a chance. Yep, that was about the only time I "recall" having my doors blown off.

What about you Mr. Monroy??? Patiently awaiting your next they say, "Hammer Down!!!"

2 1/2 inches wide - 4 inches deep and shredded my BFG Mud Terrain...for the first time ever!!!

Dennis says: Do you guys know of anyone who makes a leveling kit for the new Dodge Ram 1500 4X4?

Desertbull says: Visit Skyjacker Suspensions at as well as a variety of other industry leaders in the suspension world.

No one rides for free...tire change in the dez!


Lance asked, "Is BFGoodrich really that much better than Pro-Comp, Goodyear or the rest of the field?"

Desertbull says: ORC Staffers have really put the test to a variety of tires in many conditions. We don't mean one day tests like some of the print mags, but real time long tested in harsh conditions. And abusing many different tires, BFGoodrich continues to lead the rest of the industry in performing off-road tires. Between the All-Terrains, Mud-Terrains and the Baja T/A Projects, BFGoodrich tires continue to lead all other competitors by a long shot. Visit them at


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