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Apr. 01, 2004 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Face your Fears ~ Live Life

April 2004 - The world of off-road is coming to life throughout the United States as warmer than normal temperatures have spread from the West to the East. This warm weather tends to draw out those who have been stuck to the Internet all winter long watching and reading about the hordes of Dodge Ram owners who venture into the wilds of North America.

And it's no wonder the mailbox has been packed full of questions relating to Dodge Ram issues. Once again, after another long month of off-road travel we plan to answer as many as we can in hopes of keeping the visitors to the ORC Dodge webpage entertained. Keep sending in your requests and we'll do the best we can to get to every single question that comes across our desk!

The Desert Tank in San Quintin, Baja California 3/12/2004

C. Walters Jr. asked: Hello..what shock would you suggest for a 03 3500 dodge quad cab short bed Cummins..I want to do a 6 inch lift and I want a great quality shock with eye-candy for showing as well as driving..thank you !

Desertbull says: Skyjacker Suspensions makes several great products for your application. Lifting an 03 3500 6 inches is not an easy feat by any means. Also, check out TRexEngineering for the latest in performance shock technology.

Dennis said: I have a 2003 Dodge Cummins Diesel 2500 4x4. I would like to put 2" bigger tires on it. It has 31.5 inch now. I heard on the internet that bigger tires will harm the anti lock brake system. I know the speedometer will read slower than what is actual, but as long as it doesn't hurt anything I don't care. If this is true what must I do to be able to put 33.5" tires on? Reprogram the computer to tell it has bigger tires? The dealer is not even sure. Can I do it with out any damage? Hope so.


Desertbull says: This is an easy fix. Many different speedometer shops and/or auto electric shops market a computer box that adjusts for the different tire size, speed and most importantly...transmission shift points. Your 2003 Dodge Ram with an automatic transmission shifts gears based on tire speed controlled by a speed sensor. Without the box to make the adjustment for the change in tire size, your transmission will shift differently depending on what size tire you go with. Check with your local shops in your area and they'll get you rolling.

Earl O' Klingston asked: Have you had trouble with 2003 Dodge Ram diesell with air bags?

Desertbull says: With my ear to the pace of the Dodge Ram drum on various websites that I find to be informative, I've yet to hear about problems with the 03 Ram air bags. Check the Turbo Diesel Register for additional information.

Thomas R. Witrens asked : I just bought BF Goodrich 305R70-16 Tires for my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500. Discount Tire said they would fit without rubbing. Well, now that I left the parking lot they rub a little at max left/right turns. Left turn rubs more than then right turns.

It seems the tires are rubbing on the lower-suspension arm.

I am going to have the toe alignment looked at/adjusted.

Do you have any thoughts on how to get rid of the tire rub?


Desertbull says: We've experienced this problem ourselves in testing different size tires and wheels. The solution was operating as large as a 35" tire on the "right" wheel with the proper back spacing. Case and Point. With our 35" BFGoodrich Project Baja T/A's mounted on Robby Gordon 17" x 8" simulated beadlock wheels, we had some light tire rub on the rear of the wheel well. However, with 35" BFGoodrich Mud Terrains on Alcoa Classic 17"x 8 " wheel we have no tire rub at all. The difference is the back spacing of the wheel. The Alcoa has a minimum back spacing of 4.54" which allow a full range of motion for this large tire in the front of the Dodge Ram.

Don't get your Dodge Ram stuck in the sand in Baja...


Dennis says: Hi, my name is Dennis and I own an 04 dodge 4x4 2500 quad cab.looking to replace the front bumper with one to hold a winch and look good [chrome] also what would be a good winch to buy?

What's new about the Desert Tank?

The Off-Road Tech, Inc. heavy-duty front tube winch bumper for extreme off-road travel! Kris Barr at Off-Road Tech, Inc. is the founder of Off-Road Tech, Inc. and he and his crew engineer some of the highest quality aftermarket parts ever seen by staffers. Stay tuned for several complete Off-Road Tech bumper articles in the next few months as we test the latest in extreme off-road bumpers. In the meantime, visit them at


Desertbull says: Visit and you'll see the best engineered off-road winch bumper on the market we've ever seen. just recently visited the Off Road Tech, Inc. shop in Portland, Oregon and they have a first class operation that is run by real off-roaders. Off Road Tech's Kris Barr has engineered what I believe to be the overall best winch bumper on the market. will be publishing several articles over the following months detailing everything you ever wanted to know about extreme bumpers from Off Road Tech, Inc.

SnowBuck said: Hi ya Desertbull, simple question, tough to answer tho. 97 1500 ram sport hd 5.9l, how can i increase the gas mileage(15 hiway) i get? thought about puttin in a tornado intake kit, any good? just lookin for simple mods to help the hiway, not worried about it when in the dirt. ~snowbuck~

Desertbull says: Well, Snowbuck you hit the nail on the's tough to answer! Bottom line is air intake and exhaust relief with your truck. The smoother going in and the smoother going out equals better performance. We don't have specific knowledge about the Tornado Intake Kit, but our research deems them run the gamit of those who like it and those who don't. Relatively speaking, it's a fairly inexpensive upgrade to test.

Rick Brower says: Kinda grasping at straws here, but, I am looking for a swing out spare tire holder for a Dodge Ram 2500 and a front bumper guard that will carry a jack, any idea of where I should start looking? Thank you.
Rick Brower

Desertbull responds: Call Kris Barr 503.762.1716 at Off Road Tech, Inc. They are masters at engineering and designing the best in off-road equipment. Tell em' you read about Off-Road Tech, Inc. at and check out their front winch bumper photograph in this article above. Visit them at

On the Baja Peninsula 100 miles from the asphalt...

Darren Hague from Australia says: G'Day guys,

Do you guys ship to Australia at all?

I am after the extended s/s braided brake lines for a 1985 4runner. If you do ship to Oz, how much
for 3 lines (two front, one back) to buy and ship here?

Much appreciated,



Desertbull responds: As we say in Baja Darren, Hola Amigo! Sounds like you are looking for Toyota parts on the Dodge Ram webpage? We'll help you get directed to the right section...check out for the latest in Toyota aftermarket parts.


Desertbull responds: Check out for the latest in Dodge Ram transmission technology. They are the kings of transmission problems!!!

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