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Jan. 01, 2005 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Ask us what, when why and where about Dodge Rams!

DIRT City, USA - The questions continue to roll in and as we enter the new year with all the latest in aftermarket accessories, we'll let you know what is good, bad and ugly! We are headed to the Off-Road Impact Show in Las Vegas in a few weeks and then in February we are off to the SEMA Off-Road Show in Indiana. In the meantime, the show here continues as we disect the newest Dodge Ram truck as well as the Desert Tank, an off-road machine!

Gilbert Franco asked: I have a 1966 Dodge Power Wagon and looking for Robbie Gordon wheels. Got any idea where to find them.

Gilbert Franco Austin, TX

Desertbull says: Call Roger Willis at Robby Gordon Off-Road Motorsports. They have a retail shop and sell a full line of wheels, suspensions and more. Also visit them at As you see in the photo above we happen to be Robby Gordon fans....and I can hear all those readers groaning now!

Drake said : Guys, I have a 2002 dodge ram 1500 4x4 quad cab(new body style). I would like to know what the largest tire I can fit under neath it is. It came stock with 265/70/17 and I would like to get a better looking stance out of the truck and a more aggresive tread pattern. Please let me know thanks

Desertbull says: It all depends on what wheels your end up using. KORE Performance is the only company out there right now offering the OEM offset. And they have a beautiful WELD wheel in 17" Dodge lug pattern. Visit them at If you use a WELD wheel you should be able to fit a 315 without any problem at all. Contact KORE Performance and talk with Kent Kroeker who will get you going in the right direction.

Jason asked: I would like to improve the approach angle of my truck, right now it is completely stock, I dont really want to lift too much, I was thinking if the front bumper could be removed and replaced with something that doesn't hang so low this might be the simple solution? Jason.Desertbull says: Many desert racing applications would change the approach angle, however most are custom fabrication. Check around in your local area for a off-road fabrication shop who will custom make you a prerunner bumper. Remove the stock bumper and included a 6061 heavy aluminum skid plate.

Nick sent this in: I have an 01 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Sport. This truck was bought used, it looks like there is a lift block in the back and coil spacer in the front...not sure if they are stock or aftermarket parts...either way, the truck sits fairly high. Right now its got what looks to be stock size tires...I forget what size they are exactly off my head, but can tell you if you need to know at another time. Now to my question...I want to put 33 12.50 15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claw Radials on it that I got from a friend, my girlfriend is buying me Crager Soft 8 15x10 Black wheels...however the backspacing only comes in 4" on those wheels for the truck...I cannot mount the tires on the wheels and still be able to take them back should they not, do you know if they will fit? or how do I figure what backspacing I'll need? Thanks, Nick

Desertbull says: The OEM backspacing is 5.5 " and the backspacing on those Cragers most likely will not be the proper application. Check with Walker Evans Racing, Alcoa, WELD and Robby Gordon Motorsports for a wheel that will work on your truck.

Tom Edgar asked: I am buying a 2 wheel drive 2005 Dodge 3500 diesel dually quad cab. Do you, or know of anybody that sells supension parts to lower this truck? If no parts are available would you be able to recommend a way to lower the truck Thanks for your response, Tom Edgar

Desertbull says: want to lower your Dodge Ram 3500! You must be from the Central Valley of California and know our friend Lump-Dog! If you slam that machine you'll never be able to go off-road! What are you thinking.... Visit for the slamming guide of big trucks!

Warren Desper says: I was scrolling throught your Dodge questions and answers when i found your site online and wanted to ask you guys a question about a problem that i have been having with my Dodge. First to give you guys a description of the dodge i have a dodge ram 1500 with a custom fabricated long travel front end. The problem that i have been running into is that every time i hit a hard bump or jump my truck, the truck slips out of drive and goes into nutral which kind of scares me and makes me wonder if i can hit it hard enought to knock it into reverse. If you guys know how to fix or wat i should do about this problem that would be great thank you. And heres some picks of my Dodge

Desertbull says: Sweeeet truck! Simple adjustment on the shift linkage. Visit your local transmission shop if you guys don't have a tranny guy and he can adjust the linkage so you don't pop out of gear.


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