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Mar. 01, 2004 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Face your Fears ~ Live Life

March 2004 - The harsh rain and cold snow of the Western mountains has taken its toll those of us who are ready for the warm summer as we head out to play. We've had a ton of questions during the last few winter months as many of you Dodge fanatics have been stuck indoors while Mother Nature spreads her nasty wings over North America. Here's some of the best questions that cover many areas. Spring is around the corner folks, hang in there as we approach another wild summer season in the dirt with our off-road machine, the Dodge Ram.

Bob Reed asked: Help. My '01 4wd Ram Diesel wanders all over the road. It takes constant attention to keep it in line. All parts seem tight underneath, tires are new, indeed I had and alignment shop look it over. They said the track bar was a little loose but normal for a vehicle with 50K miles. What is the most likely part. I'm thinking the steering box but am unsure how to check it without simply replacing. Do you sell track bars for the stock truck. Bob Reed

Desertbull says: We don't sell parts, but we can send you in the right direction. Visit the TurboDieselRegistry and they have many online threads about this very problem. Typically, the Track Bar on the Dodge has been problematic, however, several companies do make replacement track bars that many Dodge owners have had great experiences with. One in particular is Luke's Link in Arizona.

Rusty Cosper asked: I have a 2003 4X4 quad cab, new body style, with torsion bar front suspension. I want to level the truck out by lifting the front. An overall lift would also be nice. No-one seems to have the parts. Ford and Chevy both make keyways to increase the front height, does anybody make them for Dodge. Rusty Cosper

Desertbull says: Check with Skyjacker Suspensions. They make a leveling kit. Or visit TRex Engineering. Their suspension system uses race inspired technology that is out of this world.

Joe asked : I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab.
The rear cargo light flashes on and off (at a lesser intensity than when actually turned on) continuously, even when the truck is turned off and locked. Nothing in the owner's manual talks about this.Any thoughts?


Desertbull says: Joe, the Chrysler ghost has got ya! We searched all the TSB's that are available online and found nothing regarding this particular problem. A couple things come to mind though. Obviously, an electrical connection may be poor or the light bulb is not securely fitted. Disconnect the battery and check your connection, clean the fitting and reconnect and hopefully the Chrysler ghost has vanished.

Travis said: Hi, i got a question about my dirtbike. Number 1 i am a huge dodge ram fan. My dad is the head mechanic at a durham dodge dealership he doesnt own it he works there. He has a 1989 ram 100 with a lil v6. But hes gonna put a bad @$$ v8 in her as soon has he find one in decent condidtion and decent price. He had the truck repainted(baby blue). The rims and tires awsome brand new ones. Did the stereo with speakers that people complained about at his shop. The people come into the durham dodge shop complaining and crying about crackling in the speakers. So, they replace them and they are just gonna throw them out (a waste) so my dad takes them. He gotten a free muffler and battries brawn new. The muffler had a lil dent and the battery got drained because the electral was distroyed in the car. So my dad charged up the battery and put on a pick of wood. He got a free 800 dollar differencal because some guy was complaining about grinding my dad took it and is going to put in on his truck when he gets the v8 dropped in. Also his going to add the v8 transmission and a dual exhaust yeah gotta have that. Theres going to be no catalytic converters just raw fuel outta the tail pipe. Now for my question. I have a 1999 suzuki ds 80 and in 3 rd gear there is alot of soundlike or real backfire. The bike has not been abuse and i always use the clutch. There is only 5 gears. Any suggestions i just bought brand new cooper covered spark plugs for it NGK. In the summer when i bring it out to ride ill install them. Any suggestions please thanks for your time and rock on cause dodge is here to stay.

Desertbull says: Wow, where do we start!!! You have alot going on Travis. Face your Fears - Live Life.

CBWhite asks: I just priced a 2004 1 ton, cummins, auto. I cannot order a jake on the automatic, but I just read in your site that your upgrades allow better exhaust brake perf. The dealer told me that it is not effective with an automatic. Please educate me on the matter before I spend 38,000. Thank you very much.

Desertbull says: The PacBrake for the Dodge Cummins Diesel is designed with safety in mind and built on quality, the PacBrake is a bolt on product that saves wear and tear on brakes. We have used ours for 25,000 miles without failure and it's very effective. Contact ATS Diesel Performance for purchasing a PacBrake.

Tom asks: Hello, my name isTom and I'm looking at buying a 2004 dodge ram 2500 4x4 and am having a heck of a time finding lift kits and wheels for the 3/4 ton. if you could head me in the right direction I would appreciate it. also any opinions on good lift kit manufacturers would also help. I have a 2002 tundra also but never lifted it. any help would be great(my eyes hurt from searching the net.) thanks. tom.

Desertbull says: No problem. The boys at T-Rex Engineering can provide you with suspension and a slight lift for the front. And Robby Gordon Off-Road will provide you with the some of the best wheels in the business.

Stacey says: I own a 80 dodge ram 4x4 and I am looking for a replacement part for the rear differential. In one used parts place I saw a lot of trucks from ford and some other companies, but no dodge ram. Are any of the differentials compatible with the dodge or do you know of a site where I can look up compatible parts?

Desertbull responds: Check out Randy's Ring & Pinion is one of the largest distributors of differential parts in North America. Good luck!

Erikson says: I just bought a '94 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins Auto, and I am looking for a Technical Service Book or anything like that. I live in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, I am thinking about to go to Ushuaia, the southest part of America next december. Becasuse of this, an Handbook is so important to help me anyway, specially to avoid bad services. Could you help me, saying me where I am will get this TSB?



Desertbull responds: Their is a website that caters specifically to Dodge Cummins Diesel owners. Visit them at They have the entire list of TSB's available online.  

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