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Jul. 01, 2003 By Tim ""Desertbull""

JULY 2003 - With summer here and the heat upon us, it's important to keep cool when rolling through the outdoors toward your next 4x4 adventure. During the past six-weeks we have been on the road working in the West rolling from event-to-event and we've had the opportunity to stop and talk with many off-roaders who have been out sliding around in the dirt. Everyone has ton's of questions so let's get right to it and answer all your questions.

During a recent trip, we discovered a little water hole in the backcountry of Baja, California. As most know, we run the Desert Tank fast and hard throughout the roughest of terrain. Well, this was nothing compared to some of the outrageous tests we've put the Dodge Ram through.
We led the & adventure called the "Baja Express," which was a 5-day, 4-night adventure covering 606-miles throughout the Baja California Peninsula. We ran the Dodge Ram Cummins all the way without incident.

Michael asked: Hi there, I have a 2003 ram 2500 4x4 with a cummins and I have been looking all over for a lift for it but I can't find one offered anywhere! Do you know of a manufacturer?

Desertbull says: Visit the suspension experts at They'll have everything you'll need.

William Choate asked: The photo on your website of the silver Dodge with the winch bumper and rectangular off-road lights.....who makes that bumper? Please help.

Desertbull says: Check out Denver Off-Road. As a large manufacturer of extreme duty bumpers, they make one of the best. Of course, the Desert Tank is outfitted with a Reunel Extreme Winch bumper and they now offered square lights. Visit them at

Daniel Birklid: I have a 1985 dodge 4 x 4 w150 it has front disk and rear drum brakes. What can I do to improve the braking of this truck?

Desertbull says: Only one thing to say, "EGR-Severe Service Brakes." Glenn at EGR has the market on the best aftermarket performing brakes for either the Dodge, Ford or Chevy. Using cross-drilled rotors, special pads, blue-printed calipers and Motul racing brake fluid our truck stops on a dime. Visit them at for more information.

Neil said: Everybody and their mother has a 4x4 Chevy or Ford. Fortunately for me, I have been a Dodge fanatic since birth. It doesnt matter wether you publish this or not, but an e-mail reply would be a great help. I just bought my first 4x4 (a 1985 Dodge Ramcharger), but not my first or last Dodge. It currently has a 318 paired to a 727 w/a NP208, a Chrysler 9.25 in the rear, and a Dana 44 up front. I dont know what gears though. It also has a 3 inch Rancho suspension lift with 32s. I am considering swaping the 318 for a 360 thats mildly built. The 727 has a RV shift kit now with a stock converter. I am considering a Skyjacker 8 inch lift with a 2 inch body lift. I would put in 4.56 gears and ride on 35s, 36s if they fit. I am also thinking of a full rollcage tied into the frame. Do you think I should keep the 44 or swap in a Dana 60 1-ton front axel, and is the gearing ok, or should I put in a different ratio? I am confused as to the front and rear gears. Do they have to be the same, or just close? I have seen it done both ways. I would also like to put in electric lockers in the front and rear. Also, Do the lift kits sound good? I would like to go to Moab or somewhere similer in the future. Would my truck make it or become a wreck? Since I am keeping the tranny, do you think my converter will be fine or should I change for a different stall? There is also plans for a hydraulic steering set up, a Gear Vendors under-over drive, and Cornay CV joint driveshafts front and rear (from Drive Technologies,LLC) in the near future. Right now, this is a daily driver. When I get ready to have everything done, I will be driving something else. I would like this to be an off road only vehicle someday.
Again, any response will be greatly appreciated and deeply considered. Thanks for all your time
Neil .

Desertbull says: Neil, you rate as one of the top Dodge fanatics at Sounds like you have a good handle on what you want to do to this RamCharger. Go big or don't go at all. Face your Fears-Live Life!

Brett asks: I bought a new Ford 2002 powerstroke my buddy bought a new 2002 Chevy Duramax .We raced these trucks up a pretty good hill and that chevy BLEW me away.I was wondering who made the 40000 + mistake?

Desertbull says: You both made the mistake by not purchasing the fire breathing Cummins Diesel in the 2002 Dodge Ram. Visit to order you next truck

Mr. Schrade askes: Hi, I have 95 dodge ram 1500, 318,5 sp , 4x4, with a 5in. lift, 37s superswampers ssr, k&n generation II kit , dual pipes. still lookin for a little more performance. I was thinkin' of putting in ring & pinion 4.56 in it. or do you think i should go higher? Plus, I pull a bass boat, thanks, Scott!

Desertbull says: Scott you're asking alot out of a half-ton truck that is set up for raging in the dirt but you still want to tow your bass boat as well. The gear change will help you gain more low end power, and you'll lose more top in power. However, with the modifications you've made so far, trying to pull that boat with 37 inch tires is a rough task. Install the 4.56 and be happy.

Stacey says: I own a 2001 Dodge Ram 4x4 quad cab 5.9 v8 off road edition. It came factory w/ a 2 inch lift and 17'' wheels. The tires are Lt 275. I like the lift and wheels but would like to add bigger tires to the stock lift and wheels. What is the largest tire I can use with the stock lift and wheels that is safe for the truck where there would be no rubbing of the frame, or other parts of the truck and no modifications to the truck.Thanks.

Desertbull responds: This is always a tough question. How big, how much, and what will it do to my vehicle. You can run a BFGoodrich 33" Mud Terrain or All-Terrain under those fenders without a problem. However, your gearing will change so if you tow or carry a heavy load you may notice some difference. Once you go past a 33" inch tire, you'll most likely notice some minor rubbing on the inner plastic wall. It won't hurt anything, but you'll definitely notice the rubbing.  

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