Toyota 4X4 Pickup History

Sep. 01, 1996 By ORC STAFF

Toyota 4X4 Pickup Facts

  • 1979 : Toyota introduces 4X4 pickups.

  • 1981 : Toyota puts 22R engine in pickups.

  • 1983 : First 4Runners emerge (adapted from pickups, limited production).

  • 1984 : Toyota comes out with new intermediate body style, 4Runners (with removable hard top) set into full-scale production based on new body. Also Xtra Cabs, E.F.I., Factory Turbo Chargers are introduced this year.

  • 1985 : Japanese beds loose outer tie downs and get inside box panels.

  • 1986 : Toyota introduces I.F.S. for it's pickups and 4Runners this year. Alloy mags and 31'' tires become availible with SR5 package. Brakes are also beefed up.

  • 1987 : Pickups and 4Runners get new dash, and nicer grill.

  • 1988 : Pickups and 4Runners finally availible with 3.0 Litre V-6. Toyota changes wiring harness, all parts marked with serial number, miscellaneous other minor changes.

  • 1989 : New body style for pickups, 22RET discontinued, Diesel engines discontinued, first time that pickups had back seats in Xtra Cabs.

  • 1990 : New 4Runner came out, no more removable hard top (2dr. & 4dr Models available).

    Special thanks to Scott Sherman for compiling this information.

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