Top 5 Trucks We Wish Were Sold in the U.S.

Sep. 27, 2016 By Tim Healey
There are many great trucks for sale in North America, but that doesnít mean we donít want more! Hereís a few trucks currently not available in the U.S. that we wish were.

Ford Ranger
The Ford Ranger was once of the most dominant compact/mid-size pickup trucks in the American market. Now, though, you canít buy it here Ė but you can overseas. Thatís a bit baffling, considering that the small truck market is booming again, and Fordís biggest rival, General Motors, has not one but two strong entries in the class in the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon (and the lone U.S. diesel mid-size truck, to boot). Ford may be missing an opportunity if it doesnít bring the Ranger back to our shores Ė and rumor has it that Ford might do just that.

Toyota Hilux
The platform may be similar to the popular Tacoma pickup sold here (which was just recently redesigned and won our 2016 Mid-Size Truck Shootout), but the frontend design is a little more rounded. More importantly, perhaps, is that the Hilux offers a diesel engine Ė with available manual transmission Ė that we wish we could get here. Surely, Toyota canít cede the diesel small-truck market to GM, right?

Nissan Navara
Sure, Nissan already offers the Frontier here, but the Navara, like the Hilux, offers a powertrain configuration that many American truck buyers covet Ė a diesel engine. The 2.3-liter diesel mates to a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission, and the Navara would fit nicely alongside the Frontier in Nissanís lineup. Like Toyota, Nissan could stand to gain by offering a diesel to better compete with GM.

Mercedes Small Pickup
Mercedes-Benz is looking to launch a small pickup truck by 2020, but it might not come to America. Details on specs donít really exist, and the truck is still in the rendering phase, but if itís built it will likely be somewhat car-like, as the company says thatís what it hears consumers want. Whatever the case may be, it would be cool to see a Benz compact pickup truck on American roads.

Volkswagen Amarok
The Amarok has been available in other markets for six years, and it offers gas and diesel powertrains. If VW offered it here, it would give the automaker inroads into a growing class and provide a nice alternative to trucks like the redesigned Honda Ridgeline. Although Volkwagenís recent troubles involving diesel engines might require it to be gas-only if sold in America. Newsletter
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