The Toyota FJ Cruiser Baja Rack

Sep. 03, 2008 By Jaime Hernandez
fj cruiser rack

Need more room to store your gear? Maybe it’s time to add a roof rack to your 4x4.  It’s an easy way to significantly increase storage and maximize your off-road adventure capability.

We came across a new company called Baja Rack that builds some really nice roof racks that are as rugged as the land where they come from--Baja. 

Since most off-road adventures usually last several days, having the extra room to carry supplies and gear is important.  Baja Rack set out to build a rugged, good looking and affordable adventure rack that would do just that.  They currently offer three different roof racks: the Mule, Mega Mule and their latest creation--the FJ Cruiser Baja Rack.

baja fj cruiser rack
The FJ Cruiser Baja Rack is 84-inches long, 48-inches wide and 6-inches tall. It only weights 42 lbs and has a capacity of 300 lbs.

The FJ Cruiser Baja Rack is especially nice for you Toyota FJ Cruiser owners.  It bolts right on to the factory roof mounts once you remove the funky stocker.  No extra drilling or having to fill old sheet metal holes on your Cruiser.  It truly is a bolt-on application.

fj cruiser rack
Stainless steel hardware and heavy-duty brackets mount the FJ Cruiser Baja Rack to the factory roof mounts.

Its patented all around aerodynamic shape and three-piece construction make it unique.  The Baja Rack is made from 1-inch carbon steel tubing that fully encloses the perimeter of the rack.  It has a built-in ½-inch tube grill floor that keeps your cargo safely stowed. 

The front of the rack has an aerodynamic wind deflector that is angled to reduce drag.  The aluminum deflector is protected with a powder coat finish topped off by a clear coat.  The entire rack is finished with a high-gloss black powder coat--making it very durable against the elements.

fj cruiser rack
A suspended rack helps prevent roof damage and also allows airflow under your gear keeping things cool and dry.

One of the highlights of the FJ Cruiser Baja Rack is that you can buy it for under $600.  Most other racks of this grade will run you over $1,000.


There are a number of accessories available for the FJ Cruiser Baja Rack:

  • Stretch Net (included)
  • Shovel and Axe Mount
  • Hi-Lift Mount
  • Tire Mount
  • Metal Mounts for Lights
  • Headlight Harness – An FJ Cruiser Baja Rack specific rack light harness made of high temp wire, nylon split loom and weather proof mating connectors with fuses and relays.
  • Off-Road Lights – Performance lighting from Light Force, PIAA and KC.
fj cruiser baja rack fj cruiser rack
The Hi-Lift Mount securely fastens to the side of the Baja Rack, making it easily accessible. The Shovel and Axe Mount is modular so it can be placed on either the right or left side.
fj cruiser baja rack
Modular light mounts are available for adding off-road lights on the front or rear of the Baja Rack.


fj cruiser
Chris out of Julian, CA--home of the world famous Julian Apple Pies--got his slice with this nicely built Toyota FJ Cruiser. Chris’ rugged adventure rig has been outfitted with some of the finest off-road parts and accessories from ARB, ProComp, Old Man Emu along with a Baja Rack.


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