Ready to Rock? Nylint R/C Rock Crawler

We review the Nylint rock Crawler

Dec. 01, 2005 By JH ""DezertScorpion""

The new Nylint R/C Rock Crawlers from Funrise is a must have for any Off-Road Enthusiast. I first saw one at the Off Road Expo this year. One of the guys from Trail Ready was playing with it in their booth. I got to see the Rock Crawler in action. It had the ability to go from 4-Hi to 4-Lo on the fly. I also noticed how it could crawl over things, and that it had great suspension articulation. This was unlike any other R/C I had ever seen. It was an R/C Rock Crawler with the spirit of the real thing. At that point I knew I had to have one.

JH “DezertScorpion” with a BIG Smile on his face thanks to his new toy
The R/C Rock Crawler comes with a radio control, 12V battery and charger for the vehicle. Just add the 9V batter to the radio control and it’s ready to rock!

II got some help from Funrise in narrowing it down to the 1:6 Scale Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rock Crawler. Funrise has a very comprehensive website that shows the Rock Crawler in actions, and explains the features and benefits of the R/C ( The R/C Rock Crawler has an impressive amount of detail, including 4WD, aired down tires, digital proportional steering, coilover shocks, locked axles, and my favorite—shift on the fly transfer case. To incorporate all these key features, Funrise teamed up with some of the big names in rock crawling like Mickey Thompson, AGR, Fabtech, Detroit Locker, and Atlas Transfer Case.

Wow…check out the articulation on this R/C.
Yes, this R/C comes with locked axles and coilover suspension.

Once I got my R/C Rock Crawler I couldn’t wait to open it up. I released it from it’s colorful package, read the instructions, installed the front bumper, and hooked up the charger to the 12V battery included with the Rock Crawler—it was a breeze. I then got the 9V battery for the radio control ready, and then sat down to watch the Rock Crawler DVD that came with my new toy.

Check out the meat on these Mickey Thompson’s.
Nothing fell between the cracks on this test run.

The DVD has two parts to it—Instructional and a Documentary on Rock Crawling. I thought the Instructional part of the DVD featuring the designer of the Nylint Rock Crawler, Dave Neil, was informative and really showed that the designer had worked closely with Rock Crawlers and Off-Roaders during the development. It explains how to use the R/C Rock Crawler. Dave Neil also hi-lights the benefits of having aired down tires, flexible suspension, low gearing, 4WD, and lockers for Rock Crawling. The documentary on Rock Crawling gives a simple, yet very good explanation of where Rock Crawling came from, where it’s been, and where it’s going. The video gets you pumped-up to use your R/C Rock Crawler and be a part of one of the fastest growing Motorsports.

Up & Down…No problem!

When my R/C Rock Crawler was fully charged and ready to go, I was feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning. Rufus the DezertDog and I went out to test this bad boy out. We first hit some good-sized rocks to check out its crawling ability. I was really impressed with the approach angle the Rock Crawler had. I also really enjoyed having the ability to shift from 4-Hi to 4-Lo on the fly. This allowed me to maneuver much more effectively between rocks and different terrain. The low gearing in this rig is mind blowing; I couldn’t believe the precision this Rock Crawler had while taking on some rather large rocks I put it against. The slow crawl allowed great handling and maneuvering over obstacles. This is a very nice feature since most R/Cs available today either go too fast, or don’t have enough torque to get up the rocks. This R/C might not move fast, but when it comes to crawling it will out-do other 4WD R/Cs.

In the MUD

The Coilover Shocks add to the stability and amazing control of the Rock Crawler’s suspension. There were times that I was ready for the Rock Crawler to roll over, but some how the combination of suspension, tires, and lockers kept this bad boy crawling.

The aired down tires have amazing grip on the rocks and great traction in the sand, dirt, and mud. The R/C Rock Crawler is fun in almost any terrain – I tested it on rock, gravel, sand, dirt, and mud. The Rock Crawler took it like a champ!

In the Sand

The battery life on the R/C is good and gives you plenty of time for fun. I drove it until I could no more. Another nice feature is the 4-band radio control. It makes it possible to race up to 3 of my other buddies once they get their Rock Crawlers. As for the distance the R/C transmits, lets just say that it was far enough to where I was having a hard time seeing it—next time I’ll take binoculars.

The R/C Rock Crawler can go over curves without breaking a sweat

The R/C Rock Crawler is the perfect addition to any Off-Roaders toy collection. It’s the closest thing to a real Rock Crawler. Be the first “Big Kid” on your block to own one. It’s great for Off-Roading during the week, or taking along on the weekend trips. I used it on my last Off-Road trip at camp, and I had all my friends amazed at what this R/C Rock Crawler is capable of. Even my trusty assistant Rufus the DezertDog liked it, he gave it two paws up.

Thank goodness this Rock Crawler comes with a 6-point Roll Cage

So whether your looking for that perfect gift for your kids, or maybe you feel like reconnecting with your younger years…I wouldn’t pass on getting one of these R/C Rock Crawlers from Funrise. I bet you will be smiling and blown away by this little Rock Crawler with a big Off-Road heart.

On your marks, get set, GO!
King of the Hill
The R/C Rock Crawler is a good fit for Off-Roaders

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