Making custom power steering hoses.

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Oct. 01, 2005 By Shane Hook
Toyota Land Cruiser
   This all began when I started looking for custom length power steering hoses for my FJ40. it seemed that everybody in town wanted about $70 for just the high pressure side of the line. This just seemed too high for me. So I set out to find all the correct parts to make my own custom length hose. I purchased everything through so that the average person could also replicate these hoses. It took about 4 orders to get all the correct parts I needed, I kept having to send back all kinds of parts as they were the incorrect fittings I needed for the job. I finally got all the parts, and below is a list with part numbers of all the correct parts to match up a Saginaw power steering pump to a Saginaw power steering box. I chose to use all Earls fittings as they seemed to be the best quality of all the parts I received. I also picked up a power steering cooler just so I wont have any problems in the future with overheating.


Part number (earls fittings)

-6an power steering hose 6ft 130606erl  $35
3  -6an 90deg JIC hose end 139106erl  $16ea
-6an to 11/16-18 991950erl  $6
-6an to 5/8-18 991947erl  $6ea
Power steering cooler rus-671570  $23
Total $124

It Starts
   I began by attaching the -6an adapter fittings to the power steering box, the high pressure side is a 11/16-18 thread, and the low pressure side is the 5/8-18 thread. you should not need any thread sealer on these, as they seal on the flair fitting.


Next I attached the other 5/8 adapter to the rear of the power steering pump. Then I figured out the length of hose I needed for the high pressure side. I had to use a band saw to cut the hose as its a has metal belts inside. You could also use a hack saw, but it will be much slower.  Then I attached the JIC 90deg ends on the hose. when attaching these hose ends make sure you lube the inner threads.


   Next I attached the power steering cooler to the radiator support bracket. The power steering cooler came with its own power steering hose, so I used that as the low pressure side. Please note, the power steering cooler must be attached to the low pressure side of the line, if its attached to the high pressure side, it will burst. The fitting on the back of the power steering pump is just a standard hose fitting, so you will use the supplied hose clamp and attach it. Route that line to the power steering cooler and affix it to the cooler with another hose clamp. Finally, you will make the last hose from the power steering box to the cooler, cut this hose to length and attach the JIC 90deg fitting to the hose. It will be assembled the same way as your high pressure hoses. The other side will be attached to the cooler.



Once finished with all that, attach the fittings to the power steering box, hand tight first, then use a wrench to tighten them about a 1/4 to a 1/2 turn more.

You will then need to fill the pump with new fluid and proceed with the bleeding of the lines. Once done, you can sit back and enjoy your handy work.

This project ended up being a little more money then the store bough ones, but since I built it, I am ok with that :-)


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