Is Ford Working on a Small F-150 Super Duty?

Oct. 14, 2016 By Josh Burns, Photos by Chris Doane

Spy photographers came across an interesting Ford truck prototype that had us all scratching our heads a bit.

Itís hard say for sure what platform the truck is based on, but based on the size and profile alone it appears to be a light-duty F-150. Seeing a camouflaged F-150 testing isnít a big deal in and of itself, but the most interesting part is the heavy-duty, eight-lug wheels on this truck, something typical of a heavy-duty Super Duty pickup.


If the truck is a hybrid of a half-ton and heavy-duty F-Series Ford, itís possible Ford is exploring the same market Nissan has taken aim at - that middle ground between light-duty and heavy-duty (some call it heavy half-ton). The unique combination of the smaller truck size paired with the eight-lug wheel certainly raises a few questions. If nothing else, Ford appears to at least be exploring something other than what it currently offers.

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