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Nov. 26, 2014 By Josh Burns

What gift speaks more to the off-roaderís heart than a set of new rubber for the family off-road rig? OK, so maybe tires wonít exactly fit under the tree, but that doesnít take away from the fact that few things have as significant an impact on the on- and off-road prowess of a truck or SUV, making a set the perfect gift for the off-road enthusiast. With that said, you canít just go out and buy any old tires. This is an important purchase, and one that requires some careful consideration. Purchasing the most aggressive mud-terrain tires may look the part, but in reality a great set of all-terrains might be the best option if the vehicle will spend a lot of time on the highway. An honest assessment of how the vehicle will be used is the first step. The next one? Checking out this collection of some of the latest and greatest truck and SUV tires currently on the market, of course. Peruse our gathering of high-quality rubber, and see which one needs to go on your wish list, or which one would be a great gift for yourself!

Toyo Open Country R/T
Toyo released its new A/T II all-terrain tire back in 2012, and while the tire was greeted with favorable success the company still felt it wasnít providing truck and SUV owners with enough options in the A/T II and its more aggressive Open Country M/T mud tire. So Toyo worked to create a tire that bridged the gap between those two tires and it came up with the Open Country R/T, a tire it describes as melding off-road performance with on-road comfort. The R/T is certainly more aggressive than an all-terrain but isnít quite as teeth-chattering on the road like some traditional muds. The R/T has an E-load rating and Toyo says its sidewalls are comparable to a 10-ply rating. The R/T is available in 17-, 18- and 20-inch sizes and it comes with a 45,000-mile warranty. Online sample prices start at $302.99. For more information, visit's Tire Holiday Gift Guide Shortcuts
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