Ford F-150 Hybrid Pickup Truck Spied

Apr. 04, 2016 By Josh Burns, Photos and Video by Brian Williams/Spied Bilde

Photos surfaced today showing a Ford F-150 test mule that photographers believe is a hybrid or PHEV pickup. What’s more, the photographers managed to capture some video evidence of this new truck (which you can see below).

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Photographers captured the truck recently in Dearborn, Michigan. When the truck was running about 35 mph, the photographer believed the engine noise would cease and a humming electrical noise would begin. To reinforce this belief, the truck clearly sounds as it is humming while idling at a stoplight but then the engine fired back to life when the light turned green.


The F-150 also appears to be sporting what looks to be a charge port hidden with camouflage, meaning this test truck could be a PHEV, or plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. Ford has previously claimed it would created a gas-electric hybrid powertrain F-150, thigh it was rumored we wouldn’t see this truck until closer to 2020. This prototype might suggest we could see a hybrid version of the F-150 sooner.

We would expect a PHEV F-150 to be equipped with a V6 Ecoboost and would likely be mated to the soon-to-be-released new 10-speed automatic transmission that will be unveiled on the 2017 Raptor later this year.

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