Company Profile: Red Line Oil

Nov. 01, 2005 By Randy Burleson

Red Line's complete product line truly has a product for your vehicle's every need.

The lifeblood of any ORV is its lubricants. Whether yours is a venerable flat fender, an Arctic Cat, or any other knobby shod beast, it requires a variety of fluids to keep it running. For some folks, bargain basement products from the auto parts store are deemed "good enough." Others want better for their rigs, and rely upon the adage that whatever's been around the longest or has the greatest name recognition is the product to trust. That's how big name manufacturers sell so many pints and quarts of fluids. A few years back, synthetics began to catch the attention of discerning off- and on-road motor enthusiasts. Was there something better out there than the Old Faithful of the automotive lubricants, petroleum-based products?

Tim Kerrigan and Roy Howell replied with a resounding affirmative, putting their belief into action when they founded Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation in 1979. They set out with a dogged, single-mindedness to achieve one goal and one goal alone: to produce the finest performance lubricants possible, regardless of the price.

Since then, Red Line has earned a reputation for its commitment to and success at that goal. Seeking to formulate lubricants that stand up to the punishment of racing applications, Red Line developed a product line that eclipses the capabilities of petroleum-based products intended for the low stress, low temperature street applications. Red Line's products are designed to perform, as the name indicates, at the extreme edge of engine and drivetrain capabilities. As a result, racers and engine builders from coast-to-coast sing the praises of Red Line's products.

What are the advantages of synthetics? First, they allow careful formulation of specific multi-grade oils that do not succumb to the stresses of hard use. Their superior friction coefficients result not only in reduced component wear, but also produce measurably lower operating temperatures in engines and transaxles. Further, Red Line synthetics withstand decomposition significantly better than the leading synthetics and petroleum oils, even to the point of being the only lubricants with base stocks of their kind capable of properly lubricating the turbine engines in modern jet aircraft.

As if extending engine and other component life were not enough of an advantage, Red Line oils produce horsepower gains of from 1-3% on the dynamometer. Likewise, racers on the quarter mile experience dramatic reductions in their times simply due to the decrease in friction in their engines and drivetrains.

One of the most talked about products from Red Line is WaterWetter. For racers and off-roaders, this product is a Godsend. When added to the cooling system to enhance the performance of water and water/glycol mixtures, WaterWetter provides improved metal wetting, while simultaneously inhibiting corrosion. This results in substantially lowered cooling system temperatures, and, consequently, increased power. For those concerned more with cooling than maximum horsepower, like rock crawlers, the gains may be most noticeable in
  1. an ability to run the A/C
  2. reduced radiator sizes required
  3. elimination of the need for auxiliary cooling fans
Today, Red Line offers the most complete line of performance lubricants available. Their products list covers the gamut from diesels to karts. Included in their line are all of the following and then some:
  • synthetic motor oils from 5w30 through a 20w50, and a 15w40 for diesels
  • synthetic race oils from SAE 10 through SAE 70 for top fuel engines
  • synthetic manual and automatic transmission fluids, including racing ATF
  • synthetic gear oils, including those for race applications
  • diesel fuel additives
  • diesel fuel catalysts
  • injector & valve detergents
  • lead substitutes
  • fuel system antifreeze & water elimination additives
  • synthetic two-cycle smokeless oil
  • synthetic two-stroke racing oil
  • synthetic two-cycle kart oil
  • synthetic watercraft oil
  • synthetic grease
  • synthetic power steering fluid
  • synthetic differential friction modifier & break-in additive
  • 4-cycle alcohol fuel lube
Does one of these Red Line products belong in your rig? This question ultimately comes down to how you value your vehicle and its ability to perform up to (and beyond) your expectations. If you are serious about extending the lifespan of your equipment, and/or if you have sensed that you are not reaping its fullest potential, using run-of-the-mill petroleum and johnny-come-lately synthetic lubricants is likely adding to your problems.

Red Line Oil is sponsoring Project WomBAT, so we will be testing and reviewing many of the Red Line products in the upcoming months.


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