Big Bronco Fiberglass Body Parts

Mar. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Rust seems to be a problem with most fullsize Broncos, especially in rust-prone regions of the world. Fiberglass body parts can provide a permanent solution to this chronic problem, as well as add a touch of flair.





Hoods (stock and custom)
  • U.S. Body Source
  • Autofab
  • K Bar S
Autofab and K Bar S sell hoods with a dropped center section. U.S. Body Source sells cowl induction hoods. All three suppliers have stock hoods.
  • Jeff's Bronco Graveyard
Coming soon: Half-cab conversions, fenders, cowl induction hoods, etc.
Tilt Front Ends
  • U.S. Body Source
These are one piece front ends that include fenders, hood, and grille, or grill mounting locations.
Front Fenders
  • U.S. Body Source
  • Autofab
Autofab sells a variety of custom fenders with larger wheel openings and/or bulges. Some Autofab fenders require custom mounting hardware. Both suppliers have stock fenders.
  • U.S. Body Source
These are complete fiberglass doors that mount to stock hinges.
Door Skins
  • Autofab
This is the outer panel only of a door. It would require custom mounting hardware.
Rear Quarter Panels
  • Autofab
These panels are in the 87+ style, and require custom mounting. They have a 3" larger wheel opening, and a 2.5" bulge. They sell matching front fenders for 92+ Broncos, and have similar fenders for 87-91 models.
80+ ?
  • K Bar S
This is a complete, fully functional tailgate. At last check, K Bar S was not actively selling it. They told me demand was low because they cost as much as a new 'gate from Ford plus shipping.
Tailgate Access Panel
78+ ?
  • K Bar S
This panel replaces the stock steel access panel. It may or may not fit 78-79 models, but should fit 80+. Check with the supplier.

Supplier Info:

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US Body Source

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